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Saturday, May 29, 2010


We have one single extra bed in our little house. My son called last night and said "Hi! Can we come up for the weekend?" We said. "Are you kidding? Of course. Drive carefully and we'll see you in a couple of hours.."
Then I looked around at the sleeping arrangements. When they got here, this is how it went...
The Bean , his parents and Little Bean arrived late last evening. My daughter-in-law got the twin bed and Little Bean went on the floor next to his Mommy. The Bean started out in our bed and ended up on the sofa in the living room. My son slept on an Aero Bed on the living room floor. Noni and Papa got to sleep in their own bed with the door shut. Cutter's crate went into our room and Carl slept in his crate, behind the sofa. IT ALL WORKED OUT JUST GREAT! Everyone slept through the night.
In the morning we piled all the bedding , toys, stuffed animals, shoes, socks and books on the single bed to avoid the Corgi patrol that was looking for things to chew on.
In the morning The Bean went out to investigate the farm...

He had a conversation with the goats, took his Dad to the vegetable garden, checked out the new chickens and looked for eggs. Then he came in and showed me a new game that he plays on his dads IPhone. Carl didn't seem too interested and Cutter just wanted to play.

The Bean brought his silly brother with him. Little Bean was in rare form. He inspected the garden, smelled the flowers and when he saw the tomato plant in the planter, he proceeded to explain to me in his 3 yr' old, animated, diction that his 'mato plants were bigger and had "liddol" tiny green 'matos on them. "Where are your 'matos Noni?" I explained that it was colder up here in the foothills and we planted later, etc, etc ,etc... but he was already off to look at something else. Back inside the house he found his "railroad man" hat and started to turn it around backwards. I said "Hey dude, where's the train?" and I started laughing....then he started laughing and being silly... and I got the best photos of the day.
We are having such a good time. These boys are so full of energy it's mind boggling. They are all over the place and into everything. They want to do this and try that. I have to sit on their enthusiasm once in a while. It's like having a couple of small tornadoes inside the house. Carl and Cutter love it. They are running around with the boys, sitting with them and watching them all the time. I thought that Corgis were not suppose to be good with children but these two are having a great time. They love having short little people to run around with.

The weekend is all about the Bambinos. Got to go.....
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  1. Glad to know you have room for the skinny me one day :)

    That Bean is a good looking fellow and I am sure he has your sense of humor- shut the barn door and run for the cellar, cause the twister is on its way! Is that what goes through your mind!

    Oh I get to spend a little more than a week with my son in Spain in September, I am a happy momma!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy those babies!

  3. I am glad your bambinos visit is so much fun and you even figured out good sleeping arrangements. Well done.

  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful family. Enjoy!

  5. It's fun once in a while to have stay over visitors. Esp if they don't expect a hotel.

  6. Aren't those sort of times the best ever? I love them. The place is turned upside down, tidiness is replaced with love and laughter and who wouldn't make that trade?
    Love the photos of the little train driver, he looks such a character.

  7. Your sleeping arrangements sound like our when we have overnight guests. Sound like you all had a good time. Your grandsons are so cute. I know you are proud of them. Have a good time with them and have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. I think that if dogs are raised goofy and mellow they will be goofy and mellow and love kids...here's to beautiful grandchildren...goofy and mellow...my 'matos are nothing at all because of all this rain...I feel like I'm in Ireland. It's nice to see the sun out SOMEWHERE!

  9. Aww... what a lovely surprise, and what a wonderful weekend! And even Carl and Cutter sound thrilled to have visitors as well - how cool is that, eh?
    Enjoy, my friend... :)

  10. I can almost hear the joy in your voice from your words alone! What a wonderful surprise and the little tornadoes in the form of your grandchildren are having the times of their lives - this much is clear!
    I love how the creative sleeping spaces wound up being just perfect! :-)


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