Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter... with family.

A week ago Friday, I drove down to my sister's house to spend Easter with my family. I wanted to be there on Saturday to see my grandson's baseball games.
Saturday morning little Bean (he's five) had his game at the Pleasant Hill High School fields. This is the school that I went to for my first two years of high school. It's not a high school any more but it sure brought back memories for me.
Little Bean is very good. I can say that. I'm his Noni. Only this is not a grandma "just being kind" endorsement. He was really good.
This is advanced T-ball and you get lots of chances to hit the ball and then if you don't, they let you hit the ball off of the tee.  This was not necessary for Little Bean. He has a good eye and he is a really good hitter.
He knew I was watching him... so I gave him a thumb's up, pointed to the pitcher and whispered "Watch the ball." and he did. He's a lefty. I tell you this because I'm a lefty too and so is his Dad, my son. It really runs in our family. My Dad was left handed too.
The whole team has an immaturity that is charming but, hey!... they're five years old. It's more about having fun and learning than anything else. they worked very hard... all of them.
After the game the team got  treats, high fives and some kudos from their coach.
Big brother (in the amazing technicolor outfit) gave his little bro some pointers.
The Bean's game was later in the day, at the other end of the park, so he was running around having fun with some friends while Little Bean played his game.

Sis and I went home to clean and decorate for Sunday dinner. We had a good time and the house looked beautiful.
We set the table using leaves from the garden on each plate with the guest's names on the leaf.
We decorated the front hallway and the fireplace.
Everything was beautiful. The house was ready for company a day early. Sis and I decided that it's more fun to have a celebration when you decorate together.
I drove back to the baseball field at 4:00 in the afternoon for the Bean's game.

OK... again I have to brag. My eight year old grandson, during the course of the game, played center field and catcher (move over Buster Posey.) and showed us what being a Little League baseball player is all about.
And then, pitched his little heart out.
Look at that form! It was a beautiful thing to watch. He's a natural... a small version of Tim Lincecum.. I'm not kidding.The other team was really good and I noticed that their coach was watching Bean closely.

My oldest grandson is naturally a good ball player, but he also has a determination to do well. He always seems to be focused and "at one" with what he does.
The Bean is very, very good.
Did I tell you that he's left handed?
Giant's? Are you watching?


I spent Saturday evening with my son, Robbin and the boys. Then I went back to my sister's to relax and get a good night's rest. It seems I need more sleep lately. It's the "age" thing. It's about pacing one's self... and having a sister who allows me a private room with a good bed and flowers on the nightstand. Thanks Sis!
The next day we celebrated Easter. Sis, Ben (her youngest son) and I took a lily to Mom.
It was a beautiful day.
Then, in the afternoon everyone arrived. We hug, laughed... we played games, went outside between rain showers and sat down for a wonderful dinner. 
 Someone said grace and ended with the traditional, "Thanks for the good stuff."  I thought about all the prayers of thanks that have been said over the years and how fortunate we are, as a family. We all try our best to be good people, help others and work hard. So thanking God "for the good stuff." is not being silly... it's honest and true. We all held hands and then we ate a wonderful dinner. It was a beautiful day.
We all pray in our own way.