Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, March 15, 2013

Just one of those unusual spring days

It's overcast today but still no rain. As I said to a friend... The weather is so achingly beautiful, but the enjoyment of it is limited because we need rain so badly.
But, until Mother Nature does a one eighty, here were are.
Enjoying early summer weather in March.

The daffodils are exploding all over the garden.
The metal frog is trying to eat them before they bloom.
The Pear tree is a sudden snap, crackle and pop of white popcorn blossoms.
and the sound of bees are everywhere.

The chickens are small rototillers in the driveway garden,  nicely turning over the soil for me. I will only have to add compost before planting some annuals. Then, I will have to FENCE the whole area to keep those chicky doodles out... and the turkey... and the deer.  
Maybe I should just leave it this way. Let chicken nature take its course.

And then there's the Little Red Hen. She is still giving us attitude.
Look at her. She has always got this peeved look about her.
Some chickens, like people, are just born ornery.
She's a good "layer" though, so I guess I won't be makin' chicken soup anytime soon.
"But don't push your luck little lady. Leave Squeeky alone and stop attacking me when I come to feed you."

I'm trying to make curtains out of old bark cloth drape panels. I definitely have limits to my sewing abilities... but I keep trying.

I'm much better at baking.
My friend (Delta Dawn in Isleton) and my sister sent me home with some wonderful Meyer's lemons so...
"When life gives you lemons...", as the old saying goes, you make lemon chess pie.
This is the last piece. Guess the old Prospector liked it. I had my share too.
I also love to squeeze Meyer lemon juice on vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Try it. It's delicious. It forms a tart layer of juice that freezes on the ice cream and then, when you stir it a little, the whole cup of ice cream takes on a delicious infusion of lemon. It's really quite good and... it's good "lemon karma".

Well... have a good weekend and if you want some music to go with your Friday, go to :
This is my good friend Kerry and her "Song for Friday". You will find a wonderful post about being Irish, some absolutely beautiful photos and a lovely and different rendition of an old familiar song.

Peace and happiness from the California Foothills.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Hopeless Case

"Carl... wake up. It's springtime. You should be outside."

"The weather is beautiful. Cutter is running around chasing birds. What are you doing in here?"
"Look at the beautiful daffodils. Don't they smell good? Wait... Carl, you don't eat them. What are you doing?"

And then he laid his head down next to me and gave me that "wonderful dog" look.
I hugged him and... well...

 His message was clear, without saying a word.

" I love you Farmlady, but I'm staying right here on the couch."

Stubborn little Corgi!