Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Memories of my Mother

In my ambitious attempt at cleaning up the garage last month, I put the box of Easter decor somewhere safe and now I can't find it.  So I took a look in the extra bedroom/craft room/ computer room closet, hoping to find something Eastery... and there I found an egg carton with my Mother's Easter eggs in it.
These are very special eggs that she decorated many years ago. I carefully took them out of the carton and hung them on the Manzanita branches on the buffet.
 Each represents hours spent blowing out and drying the eggs, covering them with tissue (decoupaged in small pieces) and then cutting out various kinds of wrapping paper designs with small, very sharp scissors and decoupaging the pieces on top of the tissue paper.
Mom was meticulous about this. She would spend hours working on these eggs.
Each one became a small work of art.
 Sometimes outlined with gold to make the flowers stand out even more.
Sometimes with small pieces of tissue in different colors to bring out the colors of the design.
A little rooster...
 A beautiful Peacock...
A horn playing cat...

I've hidden a few in my house plants...
 and around the living room.
 to remind me...
what a wonderful "gift" my mother was and how important it is to take the time to celebrate each moment... in your own special way. Thanks Mom... I miss you.  Happy Easter.