Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Well... look who posted. Amazing.... but I'm back.
It's November and I just returned from a visit with my sister and my grandchildren.
I always do too much. I eat too much... and I get too tired... but I love going down there and I always have a good time.
This is what my Sister's house looks like. Halloween is her favorite holiday. These are some of the photos from her decorations and spooky corners of her house.

A small table with all the gifts I have made for her over the years..

The pin, made from a piece of gourd...

The dead storybook reconstructed doll...

The happy little "Boo." gourd...

... and the ugly, burnt face mask with a zippered scar and flaming eyes.
  Got a little bit carried away with this one.

This year I did a collage with a story about witches and the ghosts of the woman who were burned for being witches back in the early days of intolerance and religious zeal... oh, I guess that kind of behavior is still going on... but we don't burn them now, we just fry them on Facebook and boycott Halloween.

I always have a relaxing time at my sister's. I have a comfortable bed upstairs and a safe, warm place to stay... with really good food and I always feel welcome.
 On my  behalf... I did save the quiche a few nights ago by making a homemade crust for the pie... because someone left the frozen pie crust in the microwave too long. We won't mention any names... right sis?
 Good old Joy of Cooking cookbook. It has all the basics. I still know how to make a pie dough from scratch. All is not lost on this old lady's skills. The quiche was delicious. It was a great joint effort.

This is my sister and her dog, Stella, a German Short hair. She's trying to tell Sis that she has been on the computer too long and it's time for a walk. 
She's trying to get some eye to eye contact.
 It finally worked.