Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Monday, January 28, 2019

“You know, rust is just oxidation. The same chemical process as fire.

 Oxygen interacts with steel, electrons drift from one element to the other.

 So really, rust is a slow fire.

 Isn't that weird?

 Water causes something to burn.”
Leah Raeder, Cam Girl

Sunday, January 27, 2019

I have made a pact with a blogging friend to be more diligent about posting  on my blog. She has set the bar and both of us will work hard to post more often.
It's been over a year now since my last writing. Disgraceful. I promise to do better. I love blogging but Facebook has taken over my time and energy. It started slowly and then I wasn't posting blog posts at all. Beware the FB takeover.
This is Carl. He is still with us in his 11th year. He moves slower now and naps hard...

We lost our other Corgi, Cutter, last year to cancer and the sadness was overwhelming. He was a dear member of the family. We mourned for months... the sadness still lingers...
So, as with all dog lovers, and the fact that Carl was wasting away with a kind of canine melancholy”, we called the breeder and and found out that she had a litter of Corgi puppies. We drove down to the valley one day and met the charming little girl that we named Abby. She is the love of our lives and has given Carl a new reason to get up in the morning.
Abigail Elizabeth Windsor ( in honor of the Queen's Corgis) is five months old now...
 She is a beautiful female Pembroke Corgi.

 Carl is overwhelmed with this little spitfire puppy but he's warming up to her and she defers to him on all things... so far.

 He is constantly correcting her behavior. She is constantly testing his patience.

 She loves her toys and the living room looks like we have a small child living with us. I guess we kind of do.

One of her favorite games is pushing toys under furniture and then waiting for us to get them out. This goes on all day... unless she gets tired and goes to sleep. She is very smart and we laugh and call her a puppy of the "Me too." movement. She truly has a mind of her own and a typical Corgi attitude. We love her... Carl is working on a new perspective. He's warming up to her.... slowly.

In March I will have a knee replacement so that I can be all I can be in my 70's. I'm hoping for a new lease on life and renewed energy. Old knees just give out at some point and need to be fixed. Not looking forward to this operation but I know that it will improve the quality of my life. 
Well... here's to being a more faithful blogger and reconnecting with everyone. It's a new year and we can all hopefully receive some blessings and fortitude for the long haul.
Have a wonderful Sunday...