Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rain Dancing in the Foothills

This is Murphy's gulch, on our property, after the last storm. The creek was filled to the brim and moving a lot of muddy water down stream. The prospector would say "... it's moving that GOLD around and catching the big nuggets in the bedrock." I, personally, haven't found any of those BIG nuggets yet. I think they moved themselves right on down to the river and settled in 10 feet of water. However, hope springs eternal around here and gold is where you find it.., so maybe, in the summer, we will find that BIG nugget sitting in the ridges of the culvert under the road or nestled in between some rocks in my favorite water hole. Who knows what all this water will push around or dislodge...., cans, plastic bottles, yellow McDonald's wrappers( which, when wadded up and stuck behind a boulder, can stop my heart, until I realize what it really is.)

I love the sound of this creek after a storm. We can hear it from our house. It's the sound of life giving water and it's a wonderful sound.
All the small creeks were filled last week. Every Winter our neighbors had a pond appear below their house where they had a small damn. Years ago when their children where young, we would watch them swimming in this pond at the beginning of summer. Now the kids are grown and gone, and the lake has filled with silt. There is not much left of the pond, now, but the rushing water still feed into it all winter and that memory of two young children swimming and having such fun remains.

This week the sky is blue and the sun is warm and bright. I can't hear the creek from the house. The water dissappears so quickly. We still need more rain. The land will dry out soon and the green will vanish. Spring has been so beautiful but Summer looms ahead . I hope we get more rain to fill the resorvoirs Until then I will hike through the Spring hills, enjoying the lovely wildflowers and do a little rain dance along the way.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrating With Hot Chocolate..., what else?

I'm finally back after a week of gardening, walking, reading and playing with my dogs. This was quite a different week than I usually have. Without the internet I finally remembered what it was that I did B.C.( before computers ). It's only been a little over a year since I started Blogging and when the Computer went crazy last week I ,honestly, didn't know what to do with myself for a few days. Has that happen to any of you? Not only could I not blog but I couldn't e-mail, research ( that's my "tech" term for surfing the net.) or order anything. I felt like part of my world disappeared. I hate to admit this..., but I think I have a serious addiction and I may have to set some limits from now on.
When I went "cold turkey" last week it took me days before I remembered what I had done before all of this madness. By Sunday I was out in the garden planted flowers and pulling weeds like crazy. I even cleaned out a closet and made plans to paint the laundry room. I was just a whirlwind of activity. Even the dogs were confused. They kept looking for me in the guestroom where the computer is. I'm sure Maggie probably said something about all this in here "guest" commentary yesterday. Thanks Mag. Anyway, I'm online again thanks to this really nice young man from Wildblue Service Management, who laughed at me when I told him that we were
adopting him and writing him into our Will.

The Vintage Thingies today are a group of small cups and saucers that my cousin gave me a few years ago. I think they were her Moms or grandmothers. I'm not sure. They are English and Prussian. I don't know why they are so small. Maybe they were for chocolate or strong coffee. They don't look like children's dishes which, I would think, would be much smaller. I have never quite known what to do with them, so they are up in my cupboard and never get used..., but they are really beautiful and they have a history in my family so I find them rather special. The blue cup and saucer is sitting on a crocheted doily that I found in a thrift shop in town. It's in perfect condition. You just never know what you'll find in those great "junk" stores.

I think I will celebrate my return to blogging with a small, antique cup of hot chocolate tonight.

Be sure to check in at: coloradolady.blogspot.com for more vintage Thursday goodies.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maggie: spokeswoman for the day

Hi there, it's Maggie. Farmlady will be back tomarrow. She has had a weird week. Her internet connection went out last Thursday and she's been kind of hard to live with. The computer folks finally came and fixed the satellite dish yesterday and everything seems to be all right. They said it had to do with a power outage during a storm last week. Being a dog, I didn't understand all that was said, but I think all is well now. We got fed everyday and Farmlady spent a lot of time in the garden with us, so it wasn't a big deal. The first few days were the hardest. I would hear Farmlady saying things under her breath about the computer and her tone of voice was not nice. Then , by the weekend she settled down and we spent the last few days out here watching her plant flowers and dig in the dirt. Funny; when we dig in the dirt she yells at us but when she does it, then it's ok. Humans..., go figure.

Anyway, she will be here tomarrow with something Vintage; which means old, like me. I think the gray around my eyes makes them look deeper and sexier. Don't you? I was quite beautiful back in the day. I try to maintain a happy frame of mind. It' keeps you younger. Moke thinks I'm quite the chick. I don't know what the goats think.
Well...,I'm going to take another nap right here in the sun, now. All this blogging has worn me out. Have a wonderful day! Love,Mags
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