Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Frog story for my Beans

Once upon a time, there was a little frog that lived in a planter filled with ivy, on the porch of a little farm house, in the middle of a great wilderness near a river. She felt safe in this planter because she didn't have other frogs to keep her company and the only other creatures like her were those walking giants, that lived in the dirt and made a lot of noise at night.
So, the little frog stayed in the ivy and made it her home...
There was only one problem. Once a week the lady who lived here would have to water the ivy. This lady would take the plant down to the garden, fill it with water, drain it and then put it back in its place on the porch. She didn't realize that the little frog lived in this ivy because she hadn't seen any frogs for a while and thought that they were all gone.
One morning, the lady took the planter down into the garden and started watering it. This planter had a small  reservoir on one side to let the water drain out. She tipped the planter to drain the water out. Then she notice that something was in the water well... holding on for dear life.
"Well, hello there." she said.
There, inside the well, was a tiny frog. It was looking at her.
The lady carefully returned the planter to the porch and thought about how careless she had been carrying the ivy down into the garden to water it. The little frog had gone along for the ride and didn't even jump out when she watered the plant. It must have wanted to be in this planter awfully bad to stay inside, even when the water was filling the well... even when the planter was moving.
The little frog just stayed in the well, filled with water, and watched her.
Did she hear the frog say something?
"Please be careful next time, lady. This is my home too."
...then she thought she heard it say,
"Maybe you could just use the watering can and water the ivy right here."

The lady said, "I'm sorry little frog. From now on, I will water the ivy with a watering can and you won't have to worry about leaving your home."
The lady felt better and she was glad that the little frog was OK. She thought that the little frog was smiling at her.
"Next time...", she said to herself, "I will look before I water anything. I didn't know this little frog lived here, in the ivy, but I do now and once you know that someone's life is in your hands and relies on you for safety, you need to take care of it."
 Always be kind to anything that needs your help because all life is fragile.
The little frog is counting on you.