Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Some of my wonderful family

Merry Christmas to all.

Twenty days of not posting here. I use to post everyday. I think I can blame this on Facebook. It's so much easier to post there and I do it. I'm surely an addict. I'm sorry.
This was a long month, but it seems like it went by fast. It's the 29th and almost over. I just got back from my sister's home where I spent Christmas Day and the weekend. We had a wonderful time. She always has the house decorated so beautifully.

We all had a wonderful dinner and exchanged gifts. We sat around in the "new kitchen" and had dessert.

 I made an orange, walnut, coconut cake in a new molded Bundt cake pan that looks like mountains... and dusted it with powered sugar that looked like snow in honor of the snow that finally fell in the Sierras last week... A tribute cake, if you will, to all the prayers that were said and rain dances that we danced over the last few months.

The cake slowly disappeared... snow and all. 

Sis and I braved the crowds in downtown Walnut Creek for an hour or so on Saturday. It was a mad house. We lucked out and found a parking space so we decided this was a sign that we should go find the absolutely one most beautiful item waiting for us in J Jill's or Crate and Barrel.
  After all, everything was on sale. 
 I have been having some serious knee problems so I had a brace on and this anticipated trip didn't last very long... but I did manage to get a $90. sweater for $29. at J Jill's. It was already on sale, then I got a 25% in store discount on top of that and 10% more for my birthday. That just made my day. We had lunch and went home to nap.

On Sunday I drove to Alhambra High School in Martinez to see my oldest grandson, The Bean, play a serious game of basketball. This kid is good and I'm not saying this because he's mine. He's really good... he is tall and he's fast...and they won. Here are some highlights...

Some of these are a bit blurry. I have not had a lot of experience with fast action shots. This kind of shot need a fast shutter speed and good focus, which I thought I did. I think I need more practice. But you can see that The Bean was moving the ball down the court. I was so proud of him. He's only in 5th grade. Give him a few years and the Warriors will be knocking at his door. This was really exciting watching my grandson play the Prospector's favorite sport. I'll work on the action shots.

 Later in the day I watched The Beans while Mom and Dad when out for dinner. I love doing this. We do have fun. 
First I drove to the Catholic Cemetery to tell my mom "Merry Christmas". It was so beautiful. Very cold and the sun was setting. 
This statue is at the entrance. They had given Mary a gold crown and a blue cape that moved in the breeze. Blue flowers were at her feet. 
Mom would have loved this.

I left Mom some candy. She loved candy. 
We talked for a while and then I said goodbye and drove away. I felt sad, but OK.
She's all right. There's a good feeling in this place. I love being there alone and I always feel her presence.

This is the house that I was raised in. I moved here in 1950 with my Mom and Dad. I was five years old. My son and his wife bought it after my mom pass away. They're happy here and plan to add more space to this rather small home. I feel very comfortable being in this home. 
 I have good memories here. Our sons had wonderful memories here with his Noni and Grandpa. Now my grandchildren will make memories as well. Seems so right, doesn't it?

I used a different setting on my camera and got some interesting images... just for fun. 
Above was the tree in the boys bedroom... It had a special star light on top that reflected a light show on the ceiling. It was really cool.
This is the same tree with the "color sketch" effect on my Nikon.
This was the boys playing with their electronic games.
 The Christmas tree in the living room.
And a sign that said, sadly, that Christmas was over... no more days until...
I left for home the next morning.

It's good to be home.
I will try to post more often.
I need to stop eating candy.
I need to stop eating...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. May the New Year bring you many blessings.