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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dogs on the Bed and Baby Birds on the Porch

My sister went home on Wednesday. We had such a good visit. She understands the situation around here. If you come up for a little rest and relaxation you must accept the fact that, whatever you do, it will be with two small dogs who seem to think that they are here to entertain you and keep guard over you. Sis understands this and says that the dogs are part of the reason that she comes up here. She better say that. The prospector and I would get hurt feelings if she only came for the pups. Well no, not really. I do understand what curling up with a small, soft, warm puppy can do for your soul. It's the best feeling in the world.
Carl and Cutter were her constant companions. They followed her everywhere..... except for lunch in Sutter Creek and WalMart. Yep! I took her to WalMart. That's how exciting it gets around here. How many folks can say that they went to WalMart on their vacation? We tried on clothes, bought makeup, and I almost bought a really cute BIKE. It looked like the one I had when I was a kid, only it was pale yellow and had a basket, a water bottle holder and a flat rack on the back for .... a picnic basket. It was very solid and looked like something I could ride without breaking my neck. It was $150. I even looked at helmets. This might be serious.
The reason I mention this is because I'm notorious for my vicious antagonism of "bicyclist" on the back roads of our county. I have been known to cast aspersions on these small groups of roving, obnoxious people who think they can go anywhere, take up the whole road, throw their water bottles on the ground and not move over for cars. (My blood pressure is building as I write.) Anyway, I saw this bike and all of this irritation went right out the window. I still think I would love to ride this lovely bike down our only paved road to the river. The exercise would be good for me and I would stand a better chance distancing myself from a hungry mountain lion if I needed too. Well, maybe not, but I could definitely outrun an attacking Rattlesnake.
So Sis and I had a wonderful visit. They're never long enough but she will be back. It's only a 2 1/2 hour drive up here. Our cars know the way, like a horse to the barn, and I have the pups as an incentive.
We experienced a very hot (over 100 degree) day on Sunday and now we are back to mild weather. This is amazing. I shouldn't even say anything or I should knock on wood when I do. I hope this summer weather stays like this until Fall. It's so pleasant. We don't have to water the garden so frequently and the fire hazard is so much less. It's really lovely.

Now for an update on the baby birds....
as you can see they are a bit crowded. I'm worried that they will be falling out of the nest before they are ready to fly. I have put a chair with a pillow on it, underneath the nest, just in case.

One little fellow seems to be complaining about the living conditions (below). Or, it could be that he is fed up with this women who is constantly taking pictures of him.

He's annoyed about something....

My friend "C' is coming up tomorrow for the 4th of July weekend. Can't wait. Then I have to kick it into gear and prepare for the Amador Wine and Art Festival next Friday night in Amador City.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Beautiful Blue Window

When I bought the Enos fruit salt bottle a few weekends ago I also found a window. Now, I don't usually buy old windows, but this one really caught my eye. It was very dirty and I found it leaning on some old pieces of farm equipment with a tag hanging on it that said $7.00. I grabbed it and went over to the owner. I asked him if he would take $5.00 for it and he said "Yes."

It has old glass with a few bubbles in it and the frame is the most beautiful shade of blue. I love the color that is left on the wood. I don't think I want to remove it.

The glazing compound is old and dried out. In fact, there isn't much of it left. Even though the frame is solid, the glass needs to be re-glazed and is hanging in there with very little support. Fixing this will be the first thing I do, because I absolutely want to preserve the original glass.

I think this window is so beautiful but I don't know what to do with it. Should I hang it on a wall in my house, as is, or put old pictures in each frame? Maybe I could put a mirror behind it or hang it on a fence outside. I've never had one before so I would love any ideas that you might have. Please help me out. This beautiful window needs to be revived and re-purposed. I know someone out there will have a great idea.

To read about and see more vintage things.... go to Colorado Lady's Blog and check out other wonderful posts on all things in the twilight of long ago. If you love old things, you will love this site.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mokelumne River and the Puppies

This is the Mokelumne River. We live very close to it, so sometimes we take the dogs and go for a walk along the edge of it. It has not been designated as "Wild and Scenic" yet, but hopefully it will be some day. This river needs to be protected. It's so beautiful that it takes your breath away. We need to preserve this beauty for the generations to come. Read about it here.

This was Cutter's first trip to the river and he was not too enthusiastic about it. He did not want to walk down from the road to the small beach... not even with Carl. So we carried him down and once he got down there he was OK... kind of. I could just hear him saying "Oh, this is different. Big water, lots of water. Oh, but lots of new smells and Oh, what's this." He was so cute. Carl didn't tell Cutter that last year, when he was a puppy, he didn't want to get in the water either. Oh no...

Carl sacheted down to the water and walked right into it. Not far, but he was showing Carl that he was a big dog and this was how you "get in the river". Cutter followed Carl all over the beach but he never went into the water.
It was a beautiful day. We will have plenty of time to get Cutter use to the "big water" and, if nothing else, it's the most wonderful place just to take a walk or have a picnic.
We came away with some great photos and a bag full of trash left on the beach. Some folks just can't seem to find a garbage can if their lives depended on it and the irony of it is that there were two cans up on the road where we parked. Littering is a way of life for some people.

My sister is here for a few days. We are going to get a pedicure and have lunch in Sutter Creek today. See ya later....

(Click on photos for close-ups)
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