Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Vacation Across the Pond.

Well, I have exciting news. I've been waiting until I couldn't stand the excitement anymore and had to tell everyone about the biggest trip I have ever taken in my whole life.
A week from today, my sister and I are traveling to Germany.

We are going on a 9 day German Christmas Market tour. 
(This is one of the markets called the Christkindlmarkt, in Nuremberg)

We will fly into Frankfurt and then over to Berlin.
( This is the Brandenburg Gate.)
From Berlin we will tour Leipzig and Dresden and Nuremberg.

Then on to Rothenburg, Munich and a side trip to Salzburg, Austria.
(This is a  photo of Salzburg from Google Images)
We will fly back on December 5. 

I have never been to Europe. This is to celebrate my sister's 60th birthday.
The hardest part is packing, meeting the airline's baggage regulations and bringing enough warm clothes for the cold weather. It will be in the low 40's, during the day, and rainy.
I will leave home on Thanksgiving Day and stay at my sister's until we leave.
I admit... I'm nervous about the flight. Friends have been so helpful about how to travel and what to do on the airplane. Thank you all for the advice and not telling me any "horror"stories.
I have three days to get it together.  At moments, I find myself wanting to stay home... but this is the time to put my big girl pants on and be brave. Lots of people do this everyday. No one ends up in the Atlantic Ocean.
I can do this. It will be a life changing experience for Farmlady.
Auf Wiedersehen!