Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Monday, November 24, 2014

The way I see things.

The rain came two days ago and while there was a break in the weather, I went for a hike.
I've said this before. I wish I could use fragrances on this blog. The combination of rain, grass, Oaks, Pine trees, Manzanita and Toyon fill the air with an intoxicating smell. It is a sensual, sensory overload... a wonderful fragrance that fills me with happiness.
The forest sparkled. Each tree had absorbed the rain and darkened...  which contrasted with the flattened, dry grass and its new layer of green underneath. The earth is so productive, left to its own devices. There is always something growing underneath, to replace the dry, dying remains of Summer.

I found this green plant growing everywhere.
This might be a kind of Ceanothus, like Buck brush. I'm not sure, but the leafs were collecting rain drops as if each leaf was trying to hold as much rain as it could.This plant is an evergreen but without flowers, this time of year, it's hard to identify.
I didn't have my macro lens on the camera, but caught these with my 18-300 zoom lens, holding the camera as still as I could.
Not too bad for a zoom, but after the next rain I will take the 105mm macro lens and a tripod up there and show you the difference. 
With the macro lens, You will be able to see my reflection in the larger drops. Really! It's amazing.

No rain today... so we are cutting and trimming some Oak trees that are too close to the house. You should see us out there. Two old people (69 and 70 yrs) using a chainsaw and ropes, trying to avoid the goat fence, the electric wires to the house and the propane tank. Oh, boy...Scary.
The Prospector was using a cold pack tonight and went to bed early. I need some Advil before I join him.
Oh, the joys of getting old.