Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Monday, December 16, 2013

A friend comes to the rescue and more about the weather

This is what December 16th looks like in Northern California.
The sun is shining. It's about 79 degrees right now and no clouds in sight. They are no flies flying around, so I can keep the screen door open and let the dogs come and go as they please. Carl likes to kind of guard the doorway and run out when he hears a strange noise.
Cutter is confused. He's a little timid about the door being open.
"What the...? Who left the door open?" 
He is waiting for Carl to make a move and then he will go out with Carl. He always defers to Carl unless he had to use the "outhouse" or hears a deer outside the fence. Then he takes the initiative.
Aren't Corgi paws the cutest little feet you ever saw? He wouldn't have been a show dog because of those feet. They are splayed and turned out. Not an AKC accepted trait... but we love them this way. He's our sweet little fluffy butt, rescued from an Oregon farm. We love those feet.

So the weather is getting warmer again and I recently (with my constant complaining about "No snow... boo hoo!!")  got some sympathy from my friend in Montana. She sent me some of her wonderful photos in my birthday card.
This one is my favorite.
These are the others.
Beautiful snow photos of the northwestern part of Montana. I live vicariously through these kinds of shots because it's looking like we are going to have a  "Southern Living magazine" Christmas here and I want SNOW.
I took a picture of the Christmas lights the other night, just before dark. Then I ran it through my Picasa program and made it look like it was snowing.
Pretty good huh?... for a snowy winter's eve...
This is what it really looked like.
You can manipulate any photo these days.

Oh, and the dogs have a new rug. My friend sent this with her photos.
We had it in the house for a while but I've since put it in the RV. I don't want Carl to get any ideas.
You crack me up, "D". Thanks... and for the photos. They are sooo beautiful.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Magic Snow

Sometimes when life isn't fair and happiness disappears before your eyes. It's time to take action.
You go to WalMart and you BUY some SNOW.

Now, after all the REAL white stuff melted with the "nice" weather, I decided on a plan of action.
This little can of "Santa" snow is the answer to my dreams of a White Christmas.
I don't know what's in it and I don't really care.
I will use it on a little "Charlie Brown" tree on the front porch.
This can of bliss was only $1.50 and worth every penny.
Now I have snow again...
 And it's beautiful.
Until the freezing weather comes with the rain and nature decides to lower her snow levels again...
Until the ground sparkles with glitter...

I'm the captain of my own ship, the keeper of the dream.
I can play this game too.
Now, I'm in charge.
I have SNOW.