Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dog meets Goat: Moke is doing fine but Maggie is not so sure.

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Mother's Day with Mom

I will be in the Bay Area for the weekend. Sis and I are going to spend Sunday with Mom; maybe lunch ,out, if she feels well enough. I'll be back Monday.

Thought I would post a few gratuitous photos of .... what else, the goat babies; interacting with the dogs and getting to know their new world.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Lovely is This?

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A Gift in my Mailbox

I wasn't going to create a post today, but I have to tell you what I found in my mailbox this afternoon. I had my gourd group meeting all morning and then meet some friends in Sutter Creek for lunch. I hadn't seen two of the ladies for a long time so we had a lot to catch up on. By late afternoon I drove back home, stopping at our mailbox, on the highway, to pick up our mail. When I opened it there was a package inside from Jan Ely of Little Pink Houses (pinkhousepages.blogspot.com). While reading each others blogs we found out that we were raised in the same town and had lots of memories of being little kids there. We had emailed each other with questions and "..Do you remember?" this and "What street did you live on?", etc. So when I was down at my mom's last month. I went to her store in Walnut Creek called Room With a Past and surprised her. We talked and had a good mini moment together because , after all, she was busy with lots of customers and needed to be paying attention to "business". I gave her a gourd pin I made for her and then bought some goodies from her store. It was so good to see her.
Well, today I get this package. She sent me a wonderful vintage cup that she embellished with a bird nest, flowers and her lovely tag attached with a bow. I had seen them in her store. They were so sweet and creative. I spent my money on other things ,like an old antique hand trowel and an old Spreckles sugar bag (that I made into a pillow) and a few more embellishments for my art work. Then one of Jan's recent blogs reminded me of those charming little bird nests and how I had passed up the opportunity to buy one in her shop and how I might be able to buy one from her again....., and then she sends me one. I have it on my guest bedroom nightstand for my visitors to enjoy and I can see it from my computer desk too. It's such a dear thing. Keep being creative Jan, and thank you so much. See you next month.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crazy Goat Lady???

I have always wanted a Nubian goat: now I have 4 of them. We may have gotten carried away, but the goat farm had all these babies and it was hard to choose just one. Also, we read that they like to be together and they will clear more land in groups. We want them for weed control only. No milk, cheese or ( heaven forbid ) meat.

We spent all weekend transforming the old dog run into a goat haven. This afternoon we brought them home. They are so cute. They eat all the time and they eat everything. For a few more weeks we will be bottle feeding, then we can start weaning them . Nubians are a dairy goat suited to warm climates. We will not be breeding, so these 4 babies are males that are in the process of being castrated. They will be called wethers. A wether makes a better pet than a buck and it won't smell or do all the nasty things buck do. Well, that's about the extent of my knowledge. I have a really good book and the lady who sold us the goats will be our constant source of information. We are doing this!! Next we will need a "guard" donkey.From the opera to goats. What a life. I love it!

Oh my, One of the babies is calling out. I hear him through the open window. Must go now!

P.S. The dogs are being surprisingly good about all of this. Mokie is just curious, but we are keeping an eye on him. The first meeting went well, but then, there was a fence between them. That's all Mokie gets for a while. Just a "nose to nose", through the fence, with supervision. I don't think Maggie even knows they're here yet. Mokie found them right away but Maggie just came back in the house. She's getting so old.

May I introduce.....: the new babies on our farm.

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