Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visionary Notions

These are two of the 4 baby chicks that the Easter Bunny brought us. Actually the Easter Bunny bought them at the local Feed and Supply store last week. I just want my grandsons to think of these little guys as "gifts"..., a special delivery from the great bunny in the sky.

Our broody hen, Squeeky, doesn't like having to share HER hen house with 4 new, noisy baby chicks. Look at the expression on her face. She is so cranky and tired..., and then I heard her squeak, "They had to bring these young whippersnappers in here when I'm trying to do some serious business. I get no respect. Farmlady keeps taking the eggs out from under me and then she scoots me outside. What is this world coming to. I can't help it if some of these eggs belong to the other hens. I found them, so they are mine." Do you think she has made the connection between those eggs she's sitting on and these noisy, baby chicks?

And then there is this.....

When my sister was here a few weeks ago I came into the guestroom and she was sitting on the bed trying to repair something. Do you see what I see? I could not believe it. I did a double take and grabbed my camera.
(The photo is a bit blurred because I was laughing so hard.)
This woman wears contact lenses and has prescription glasses. She never goes out in public without her makeup on. She is college educated and I rely on her good judgement. Sometimes you just have to assume that necessity is the mother of invention and not ask too many questions.., but
She made no excuses. She just said that this works.
And she is going to drive us down the coast to Pismo Beach on Thursday?
Maybe she's gone all "broody" on me too.

See you next week.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Charming Workshop and Frozen Charlottes

I'm leaving in 2 days for the southern coast of California. Sis and I are going to attend a mixed media jewelry workshop in Pismo Beach.
The workshop will be taught by Diana Frey and Riki Schumacher and we will learn many jewelry techniques like using PMC(precious metal clay) embossing metals, molding found objects and making pieces for a bracelet. This well be so much fun. We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time.

I have everything I need and probably more. We will be staying the first night in Cambria, a wonderful little town near San Simeon Castle. Julia Morgan, a renowned architect at the time, designed and built Randolph Hearst a  beautiful mansion in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean, that is now open to the public. I had to laugh when I read this...
Hearst first approached American architect Julia Morgan with ideas for a new project in April 1919.  Hearst's original idea was to build a bungalow, according to a draftsman who worked in Morgan's office who recounted Hearst's words from the initial meeting:
"I would like to build something upon the hill at San Simeon. I get tired of going up there and camping in tents. I’m getting a little too old for that. I’d like to get something that would be a little more comfortable."
A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE?? If you have ever visited this "Castle" you would understand why I laughed at his idea of a bungalow. It's one of the most over the top, amazingly beautiful, luxurious, enormous "bungalows" you have ever seen.

We hope to meet Julie Whitmore, in Cambria. She is the artist who made my MOKE plate for me. She is a Faience pottery artist who has become a good blogging friend but we have never met face to face.We really hope we can see her.
Then we will head down, on Friday to Pismo Beach and walk the beach all afternoon. The workshop is Saturday and Sunday.
I'm very excited about this workshop because I need some serious skill building for my jewelry making and Diana and Riki are professional jewelry artists. This is such an opportunity.
Sis and I are making this into a mini-vacation so we won't be back until next Tuesday and I won't be home until Wednesday.
The Farm will be in good hands, as usual. The Prospector, Carl and Cutter will hold down the fort until I return. I may have to let my sweet husband take a vacation somewhere soon. He's being so good about all this coming and going, but it's definitely his turn next...

This is a bit off the subject but I do plan to use this little doll ( the one on the left) in a necklace someday soon. These two dolls are called, I think, Frozen Charlottes. The story behind them goes back to Germany and England in the 1800's.and is a big part of early American folklore.
The story is a cautionary tale about a young girl called Charlotte who refused to wrap up warmly to go on a sleigh ride to a New Year's Ball and freezes to death during the journey.
When I started researching them, I found that the really old ones had arms that didn't move and were sold like penny candy to children. They are usually bisque and have been hand painted.
Mine are more from the 1920's or 30's and are made in Japan so they may be "knock offs"..., but I think they are cuter than the old ones. I never liked these dolls because they didn't have arms and I thought they were kind of strange, but these two are rather cute. I got them both at out local craft faire, a few weeks ago, packaged together for $3.00. I love the way they are looking sideways at something and these look like they are clasping their hands behind them..., doesn't look so "dismembered". The holes where the arms should be are perfect for a necklace, almost like a big bead that can be easily strung.
I'm going to take them with me and ask the jewelry experts (Riki and Diana) what they think these little dolls are. I sure can't find any "Charlottes" that were made in Japan and look like they were born in the 20's or 30's. It's kind of a mystery.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

Part of Easter is child-like and fun...

Another part is the idea of a new life coming to redeem us...

And then..., there is the unbearable happiness of being here on this earth..., at this moment.
Freckles and I are saying a prayer for Madeline, in Alabama, and wishing you all a peaceful and happy Easter Sunday.
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