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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visionary Notions

These are two of the 4 baby chicks that the Easter Bunny brought us. Actually the Easter Bunny bought them at the local Feed and Supply store last week. I just want my grandsons to think of these little guys as "gifts"..., a special delivery from the great bunny in the sky.

Our broody hen, Squeeky, doesn't like having to share HER hen house with 4 new, noisy baby chicks. Look at the expression on her face. She is so cranky and tired..., and then I heard her squeak, "They had to bring these young whippersnappers in here when I'm trying to do some serious business. I get no respect. Farmlady keeps taking the eggs out from under me and then she scoots me outside. What is this world coming to. I can't help it if some of these eggs belong to the other hens. I found them, so they are mine." Do you think she has made the connection between those eggs she's sitting on and these noisy, baby chicks?

And then there is this.....

When my sister was here a few weeks ago I came into the guestroom and she was sitting on the bed trying to repair something. Do you see what I see? I could not believe it. I did a double take and grabbed my camera.
(The photo is a bit blurred because I was laughing so hard.)
This woman wears contact lenses and has prescription glasses. She never goes out in public without her makeup on. She is college educated and I rely on her good judgement. Sometimes you just have to assume that necessity is the mother of invention and not ask too many questions.., but
She made no excuses. She just said that this works.
And she is going to drive us down the coast to Pismo Beach on Thursday?
Maybe she's gone all "broody" on me too.

See you next week.
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  1. The Easter Bunny was really nice to bring you those cute chicks!!!! Too funny about the glasses on your sister.


  2. Morning friend!!! Ohhhh my heart skipped a beat when I saw the baby chicks!!! I love chickens! My grandmother, Mama Bush, always had chickens when I was a little girl...one of the greatest thrills to me was to see the newly hatched baby chicks walking around the yard following their mama...once I even raised a baby chick...we had moved to the country and the kids were young and I wanted them to know just a sample of country life..I would take her out with me when I hung clothes on the line and she would peep and if anything scared her she would make a bee line for me and jump up on my barefoot and tuck her little head under my pants leg~~~~ lol lol Oh what memories you have brought back to me with this pic!
    Lordy your sister reminds me of something my daddy would do with two pair of glasses! That is so funny! Thanks so much for coming by...hope the two of you have a safe trip and enjoy your time together at the jewelry class..take care and have a great week! ~Picket~

  3. I gotta say, that was pretty cute. So far, so good on my eyes. But glasses run in my family.

  4. What a lovely parting shot - priceless!!!

  5. What a hoot.... What a Great look your sis has going on with the glasses. She truly is wearing a pair of glasses. I am just guessing that they are different strengths. Have a great time and looking forward to your posts when you return.

  6. Two pairs of glasses...hahaha, good thing your camera wasn't too far away!Cute baby chicks!

  7. I just love innovative people!!! I'm always saying (or maybe making excuses) to my kids: "Well, whatever works!" ha ha ha! I love it. Have a great trip.

  8. omy!!! i am soooo in love with your blog... if i had a sister i wish she were you! & speaking of sisters HA sooo funny ... i've done that with sunglasses, contacts & readers ... yea somehow it works ... she is sooo cute! i'm jumping up and down about your blog ... not a stalker ... but just love love love your style ... i too have chickens ~ ava, very dark red head, marilyn, very busty, jean, sweet wide eyed & betty, long beautiful legs :o)
    my wishdream is to have goats soon ... and your little pups are adorable ... have a great trip with your sister & i'll be waiting for your next adventure xobonnie:o)

  9. Took me a second look to notice the second pair of specs, hope your sis doesn't try this while driving,LOL.
    Enjoy your weekend, next week I am off to CO. for our quilter's retreat. I will mail that package next Wednesday.............

  10. She is right it does work! and your chicks and your broody hen are very cute.

  11. Wow the Easter bunny was generous this year ;)

  12. the pic of your sister is perfect for this weeks theme FSO. funny!!


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