Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Monday, March 21, 2016

Springtime gifts

Oh dear... I haven't posted since after Christmas. I can't believe after so many years that I can be this neglectful about something that I enjoyed so much. I make promises that I will write, but I don't.
 I love this place and I will always return to it. It's my sanctuary of words, images and thoughts. It has grieved with me and laughed with me. I live in fear of loosing all of this. I need to find a blog to book site and save these blog posts for my grandchildren.
I need to give more time to this and less to Facebook. Facebook eats time but it's easy and quick. Facebook responds almost instantaneously and it keeps me connected to my friends and family. I admit that I have kind of an addiction to it... OK, yes, it's an addiction.
This is not a promise but more a way of saying that I will be here as much as I can. Everything moves faster now and I'm moving slower. The days are filled with animals, friends, family and my life, with all its old age aches and pains... but I'm happy.

So,  just when I thought that things were slowing down here and the excitement of raising animals was basically over, except for the chickens and our dogs... The Prospector decided that goats would, again, be a good idea. I was delighted.
Well, on Saturday, we picked up three new baby Pygmy goats. My sister was here to help. She helped paint the new goat house and she helped us bring them home.
The adventure begins again and hopefully we will be more fortunate with these little guys as they become a part of our lives. I never got over loosing Brownie and Murphy. The sadness clung to the fencing and empty goat run. It never really went away until these little goats came on Saturday. Now, only the good memories of the wonderful, magical Murphy and our beloved Brownie will stay with us and the space will be filled with these joyful little Pygmy goats.
 I will post some photos and call it a night.

Two of the babies are not named yet, but this one above, is Moo... because he looks like a little cow.