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Friday, May 30, 2014

Got baby goats?

Had lunch Wednesday with two friends.  Sylvia, a friend from the gourd club and another from the goat club that I use to belong to. Her name is Jane and I've written about her before. She has Alpine goats.
Every year I call her up and ask, " How are the goats? Got any babies yet?" and she usually says "Yes." So I ingraciate myself and ask if I can stop by. I have even stopped by unannounced... that's how bad this goat lust is.
On Wednesday I didn't have to grovel. We had already planned to met with another friend, Sylvia, from the gourd club who lives close by, so we met at Jane's house.
This is how it went...

The babies greeted us at the gate.
 "Hello friends of Jane. We really like company. Got any milk?"
(Jane carried in the goat food while Sylvia played defence with the little escape artists.)

"Hey, we're on the outside. Run... while she's not looking"

"Yes, I'm eating the grass. I'm a special goat. I had lots of attention from some other humans for a while and I expect special treatment. Got any milk ?"
 "Hey, what happen. Who put us back in here? I'm mad. I'm not even going to look at anyone"
"Did you see that? They just pulled me back in here by my pretty collar. I thought it was an embellishment for my awesomeness but it's not... it's to control me. I'm going to have to use my charms now.

I watched my friend, Pink Collar. She knows how to make humans do anything. She's good. Watch her."

"Hi there. Did you say your name was Sylvia?"
" Aren't I the cutest little goat you ever saw? Do you have treats in your pockets? Can you open the gate... please."
"Well, that didn't work, but maybe Pink was having a slow day."

The grass hay was spread in the feeders and it was chow time.
Most of the young goats were eating grass hay and very serious about doing what their moms do at the feeder.
But there is always one that wants to play with its food.
Or maybe this little one was just hamming for the camera. It finally hopped down and joined its sibling at "got milk" central...

 But mom was getting a little tired of all this. She kept walking away.
 "It's time for you little ones to stop using me. I need a rest. Enough is enough."
 And then there's the mother who wants to feed her young forever and even lifts her tail to invite them over.. or maybe she is just peeing. I'm not a goat expert.
After their lunch, most of them walked out to the big tree in the back...
 to rest in the shade.

So we thought this would be a good time to make an exit. Jane left first to get ready for our lunch.
"Wait... where are you going Jane?"

 Then Sylvia and I shimmied through the fence gate, said goodbye to the little one , who seemed perplexed as to why we were leaving, and we drove to Sacramento for lunch.

These are Alpine goats. This link will tell you all about them. They originated in the French Alps. They come in all colors and they are heavy milk producers.
Watch the video at this site and get your goat baby fix for the day.
Thanks Jane for always letting me come to visit and spend some time with your goats. They are beautiful and charming animals.
This is Jane's oldest goat. I can't remember her name.
 "Hello there."

 She's beautiful and has a wise countenance.
She's retired and knows that she will be taken care of for the rest of her goat life.
Jane is a wonderful shepherd (goat-herd? goat keeper? goat angel? ) to her animals. She loves them. I think they love her too, in their own goat way.

I miss my goats and will always have great memories of them. But, at least once a year, Jane gives me a chance to visit her Alpines and her new kids... and get my goat fix for a while.
Thank you Jane.

( For some interesting facts about goats and some funny photos, go here and enjoy.)