Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Hi there."

Hi there, aren't I just the cutest little thing you've ever seen? I'm yellow and I'm a grasshopper. 
 I'm eating all of the leaves on this lady's hollyhocks and tonight I was in her zinnias. The man who lives here threw my brother down into the goat run but I couldn't be caught.  I'm little and I'm fast.
The lady who lives here can't figure out if I'm a special grasshopper or a baby. She has been looking at her insect book all day. 
I don't have wings and I'm only about an inch long. I'm a very cool looking insect. 

I have big eyes and amazing feet.

 I will have to duck and cover tomorrow. She got her photos... and now I'm not wanted here anymore.


 ( I scared this little grasshopper into the summer sage last night. This morning it wasn't in the Zinnias and was no where to be seen. Hope he made the right decision and took off.~~  Farmlady.)

My foot is healing, but it's still sensitive and sore. I sat outside until dark last night taking these photos with my 105mm macro lens. This little guy was very cooperative but when I went to scoot it off of the Zinnias it did not want to be touched and jumped into the sage. Haven't seen it since.
I sat in a lawn chair, with my camera and tripod in front of me, for about an hour. Taking these photos was good therapy. Forgot about everything else. What a joy Photography is. I'm sure it helps the healing process to get lost in something that you love.
Saw the doctor on Thursday. Got my stitches out and was told I could take a shower in a  few days... So, on Sunday, after almost three weeks of washing my hair in the kitchen sink and washing my body in the bathroom sink (please, no mental pictures)... I got to take a real shower. Oh, joy... what a wonderful feeling.
I'm on my way to recovery.