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Friday, July 3, 2009

I Feel like I Have Failed All of You

I hate to break this to you but your chances of buying that house in Berkeley, Ca. have pretty much gone down the toilet. I have never had such a response to a post of mine before and I feel kind of responsible for the outcome of this story. This afternoon I looked up the listing and it wasn't there, so I went to "listings sold" and..., are you sitting down?...,OUR beautiful house, that one blogger said she would buy as soon as she got her jogging shoes on to run to the bank for "earnest money"; and another who thought we should all get together and buy it as a group; and one artist in Cambria, Ca. who asked if they might take one of her teapots as a down payment...., is"PENDING".

I was so upset that I went outside and watered the garden, picked up the dog poop, fertilized the roses, cut back the irises and told the goats to be quiet when the poor guys just wanted to tell me about the lack of grass in the field. Then I just stared at the Basil, which needs to be picked and made into Pesto before it bolts and flowers.

Then I had a better idea....

I went down town and got a pedicure. It was worth every dollar spent. I came home feeling so much better.
I'm so sorry about the "Masterpiece in Redwood". I really hoped that one of you (with a lot of money, of course) would buy it so my sister I could come and visit...., and I could brag that it was Farmlady who told you about it. Sometimes life is just not fare. Sometimes you just have to go and have your toenails painted to feel better.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vintage Thursday: Want to buy a house?

This beautiful house in Berkeley, CA. is for sale. My sister and I went to an Art Festival a few weeks ago and on our way home we saw an "home open" sign. When we saw the house we came to a screeching halt, parked the car and went inside for a look. Wow! This is a gorgeous old home built in 1914. ( for all of you youngsters, that was before EVERYTHING. Most folks were still driving around in a buggy pulled by horses.) It's in "move in" condition and is being sold at a "bargain" price..., well, a bargain for Berkeley.

It has 3 bedrooms( each with it's own sun porch), 3 full baths, a lovely terrace off the living room that's covered with Wisteria and a remodeled kitchen with a pantry to die for. It's all redwood and the wonderful staircase leads to a landing with windows and built in shelves and file or magazine slots. There is a distant view of San Francisco Bay and each window looks out over other lovely homes and gardens. The house is 3439 sq. ft. on a lot of 7600 sq. ft. I don't know about the condition of the plumbing and electricity but in a house this old it would be a good idea to ask questions.

This home is so beautiful and has such a good feel about it. My sister and I walked through it thinking about how nice it would be to live here..., talking about what we would do if we owned it and how we would decorate it and the surrounding garden. Oh, well, we can dream. It's always fun to dream.
This home was special. I could feel the love and comfort whispering in every corner. As we left, I thought I heard a quiet voice...., "Buy me, please. Love me. I need a family to move into me and I will wrap my wooden arms around them forever....
Is anyone interested ?

For other Vintage posts, see the list on Colorado Lady's Blog. Click on photos for a close up view.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Close Call for a slipper

"What do you think, Bro? Where are we? Look at those big, dogs out there. One has horns. "

"I don't know little sister, all I remember is being put in a box and then it was dark. I know one thing. This isn't the same place we lived in before."

"Do you think the new lady will wear us? "

"Probably not 'till it gets cold. She looks like someone who goes barefoot a lot."

" Oh. Well..., I haven't seen any cats. Do you think they have cats, Bro?"

"Don't know. I did hear a dog bark though. "

"Maybe they sent the big white one with us."

"I don't think so."

" They liked that white dog, didn't they? They wouldn't have given him to someone else."

"Ya, that's true. But I'm sure I hear a dog bark. Hold on . She's moving us into another room. Hey, don't throw us around like that! What the...., hey Sis, I fell off . I'm down here on the floor."

"I see you. Are you all right? Oh ...., what's that. Bro, watch out! Behind you...., it's....,oh no...., it's a dog."

" Help! Help! A dog is attacking my brother. Stop, you bad dog. Don't you hurt my brother. Stop!"

"Sis, quick, throw a pillow at it. Ahggg..., Ou..., Hey, stop, you mutt. Get off of me. You're lucky I'm just a slipper and not a real monkey. Sis..., don't just lay there, throw something. Sis?....."

"I don't know what to do. Bad dog!..., stop...., "

"Hey, watch the ears. OOf!.... Sis, I could use a little help, here."

"Some one's coming Bro........, oopsy daisy."

"That was a close call. I never want to be that close to losing my stuffing again."

" I'm pretty sure it was a dog. It was so little and fast.I was just so scared."

"YOU were scared. I was the one on the floor! Look at me. I have dog hair and saliva all over me. My tie is crooked. I think part of my nose is missing. I'm lucky to have my eyes and ears attached."

" I'm sorry Bro, I just didn't know what to do. I think we're safe now.

"I hope so. This looks like a closet. That lady put us on a shelf and she took that little monster out with her. I think were are safe, for a while."

"I don't want to be a slipper anymore."
"Because I just feel vulnerable and used."
"Tell me about it."
"That was a close call wasn't it?"
"Yes, it was Sis."
"Are you sure you're OK?"
"I will be when I think of some way to keep our stuffing."
"Could we become real monkeys?"
"Maybe..., just maybe."

Will this story continue? Is there hope for a couple of slippers in a house with a little dog? Can monkey slippers become real monkeys? Stay tuned....

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pooch Puppet

This is a puppet head. At our last gourd meeting one of the members gave a workshop on "How to make a Puppet." We had a great time. Everyone was given a small gourd and two pieces of gourd that were shaped like ears. We learned how to use Apoxy clay to sculpt the eyes, nose and mouth. I had used paper clay and Sculpey oven bake clay before, but Apoxy clay hardens within a half hour without baking and when it's dry you can sand it and carve it any way you like. It's amazing!
When I was done shaping the dog face and attaching the ears I gave the head a coat of Gesso to give the gourd some texture and cover the differences between the gourd and the clay. Then I painted the face. The eyes were the hardest. I don't draw or paint, so this was a real learning curve for me. I went on-line and looked at dog face drawings and did the best I could. I'm happy with the face..., kind of cartoonish but cute. The paints are all acrylic and I used a natural sponge for the fur.

The hole in the underside is for your fingers. I have material to make a black cover( or outfit ) for the dogs body. Black is good for puppets because, against a black background, you only see the colors that contrast. I think I will give him a brown and blue collar and front paws that are stuffed. We'll see about all this, because I'm not much of a sewing person either.
I think he's cute..., in a surprised, old dog, crooked kind of way. Sort of like he just saw a cat run in front of him but he's just not up to running after it, so he just "woof"s at the cat as it goes by.

This was a really fun project.We are all suppose to bring our finished puppets to the next meeting. I will bring my camera and take some pictures which I will post at a later date. It will be fun to see all the different faces that were just beginning to appear two weeks ago.
I haven't given him a name yet. Anyone have any ideas?
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Pupster on the Mokelumne

Last weekend we thought that it was time to introduce Carl to the beautiful Mokelumne River. We drove over to Electra Rd, a narrow road that follows the river east from Highway 49 to the Electra Power plant. Carl is a great car dog. He loves to go for rides and he was very excited about being in the car. If we slowed down to let someone by, he would stand up and look out the window to see who it was and he would bark if he thought that they might be a threat. So when we got to the river and stopped, he was ready to get out and investigate. The Prospector put him on a leash and off they went. The Pupster was overwhelmed with the new smells and scents of other dogs and critters that frequent the area. He went from one tree to another leaving his own sign of dominance until he didn't have anything left. Then he needed to leave a more solid reminder. I always get the feeling that animals, especially domestic ones, are embarrassed when humans are watching. But dogs are just dogs and when Nature calls, they just find a place and leave their droppings efficiently and without pretense. When he was finished doing his duty, Carl continued to sniff out the area, with his nose to the ground and didn't really pay attention to the huge body of water flowing next to him.

Then the Prospector said " Carl, lets go down to the water." Well, to paraphrase an old saying..., you can lead a (Corgi) to water but you can't make him drink. His paws touched the cold water and he stopped, dug in and would not move. "Dad" talked to Carl and gently tried to make him walk into the water but Carl was a frozen statue of a dog. The term "stubborn Corgi" comes to mind. He planted his feet and looked at my husband and then at me..., and HE DID NOT MOVE.
Corgis are suppose to like water. But this was BIG water and Carl wanted nothing to do with it. We let him have his lead and he went on with his walking and sniffing,only he took the high ground and NEVER got into the water. We will try again later in the summer when the water is low and the sun has heated up the river enough for Carl to be comfortable sticking his little paws in it. We wouldn't want our sweet, little purebred to be traumatized by this wild, old river. We'll try again another day. Carl will grow and the river will wait. One paw at a time..., one little paw at a time.
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Monkeyshine Friendship

On Saturday, there was a package in the mailbox from my friend Jan of Little Pink Houses fame. She and her friends in the Bay Area have the store Room With A Past in Walnut Creek that's open three days and one evening a month. We found out( through our blogs) that we grew up together in Pleasant Hill, Ca. and that our parents knew each other..., AND that our dads knew each other in Napa, Ca. where they grew up together. Sometimes it really is a very small world, isn't it?
Well, at some point in our blogging life together MONKEYS became an issue. I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say, we have had an on-going battle of wits about monkeys, which has become so funny at times that I would miss it if it just went away. So..., that is why I'm now the owner of a cute pair of "monkey" slippers which ( be sure you don't tell her this ) I think are just adorable and as long as they don't bite me, I will wear them forever. Look at them! They are so cute.

She also sent me a plethora of goodies for my collage work , including a dictionary page out of the "M's" for, what else, MONKEYS. She sent some beautiful old buttons, sheet music, old photos, tags, dominoes, and my name in Scrabble pieces. Very cool things!!

This is my first name in Navajo. ( Isn't it beautiful? Do you believe me?) It's only 8 points. Guess I should try another language.
Thanks Jan. I don't know what to say except that monkeys are growing on me and you have given me some of the best laughs I have had in years. See you in a couple of weeks when I just happen to be in town on the days that Room With a Past is open..., or sooner, depending on how Mom is doing. Love ya....
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