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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Close Call for a slipper

"What do you think, Bro? Where are we? Look at those big, dogs out there. One has horns. "

"I don't know little sister, all I remember is being put in a box and then it was dark. I know one thing. This isn't the same place we lived in before."

"Do you think the new lady will wear us? "

"Probably not 'till it gets cold. She looks like someone who goes barefoot a lot."

" Oh. Well..., I haven't seen any cats. Do you think they have cats, Bro?"

"Don't know. I did hear a dog bark though. "

"Maybe they sent the big white one with us."

"I don't think so."

" They liked that white dog, didn't they? They wouldn't have given him to someone else."

"Ya, that's true. But I'm sure I hear a dog bark. Hold on . She's moving us into another room. Hey, don't throw us around like that! What the...., hey Sis, I fell off . I'm down here on the floor."

"I see you. Are you all right? Oh ...., what's that. Bro, watch out! Behind you...., it's....,oh no...., it's a dog."

" Help! Help! A dog is attacking my brother. Stop, you bad dog. Don't you hurt my brother. Stop!"

"Sis, quick, throw a pillow at it. Ahggg..., Ou..., Hey, stop, you mutt. Get off of me. You're lucky I'm just a slipper and not a real monkey. Sis..., don't just lay there, throw something. Sis?....."

"I don't know what to do. Bad dog!..., stop...., "

"Hey, watch the ears. OOf!.... Sis, I could use a little help, here."

"Some one's coming Bro........, oopsy daisy."

"That was a close call. I never want to be that close to losing my stuffing again."

" I'm pretty sure it was a dog. It was so little and fast.I was just so scared."

"YOU were scared. I was the one on the floor! Look at me. I have dog hair and saliva all over me. My tie is crooked. I think part of my nose is missing. I'm lucky to have my eyes and ears attached."

" I'm sorry Bro, I just didn't know what to do. I think we're safe now.

"I hope so. This looks like a closet. That lady put us on a shelf and she took that little monster out with her. I think were are safe, for a while."

"I don't want to be a slipper anymore."
"Because I just feel vulnerable and used."
"Tell me about it."
"That was a close call wasn't it?"
"Yes, it was Sis."
"Are you sure you're OK?"
"I will be when I think of some way to keep our stuffing."
"Could we become real monkeys?"
"Maybe..., just maybe."

Will this story continue? Is there hope for a couple of slippers in a house with a little dog? Can monkey slippers become real monkeys? Stay tuned....

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  1. I might not say much, but I like coming here. Every now and then I just have to tell you that :-)

  2. Connie you are quite the story teller. I got a kick out of this one and will be back to read more adventures about the money slippers. :) Have a good day. Madeline

  3. this is cute. seems we are drinkin the same water, I've been playing with cows. some girls never grow up.

  4. Boy, a monkey just can't get a break, huh? It's tough being (hairy &) brown. At least the white dog never laid a "tooth" on them while they were in MY care! Hope they go over "The Care of Slippers (and shoes) in the Pupsters obediance classes!!!!

  5. Carlton's after the monkeys. You notice I didn't say (at first) that Carl was into monkey business. I got a pair of moose house shoes one Christmas. Drove my schnauzers crazy. I gave them to one of my nieces so they wouldn't get torn up. You know, it's hard to walk with schnauzer's attached to your house shoes.


  6. With eyes closed and fingers crossed, Jo chants over and over again..."I Believe! I Believe!"


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