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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pooch Puppet

This is a puppet head. At our last gourd meeting one of the members gave a workshop on "How to make a Puppet." We had a great time. Everyone was given a small gourd and two pieces of gourd that were shaped like ears. We learned how to use Apoxy clay to sculpt the eyes, nose and mouth. I had used paper clay and Sculpey oven bake clay before, but Apoxy clay hardens within a half hour without baking and when it's dry you can sand it and carve it any way you like. It's amazing!
When I was done shaping the dog face and attaching the ears I gave the head a coat of Gesso to give the gourd some texture and cover the differences between the gourd and the clay. Then I painted the face. The eyes were the hardest. I don't draw or paint, so this was a real learning curve for me. I went on-line and looked at dog face drawings and did the best I could. I'm happy with the face..., kind of cartoonish but cute. The paints are all acrylic and I used a natural sponge for the fur.

The hole in the underside is for your fingers. I have material to make a black cover( or outfit ) for the dogs body. Black is good for puppets because, against a black background, you only see the colors that contrast. I think I will give him a brown and blue collar and front paws that are stuffed. We'll see about all this, because I'm not much of a sewing person either.
I think he's cute..., in a surprised, old dog, crooked kind of way. Sort of like he just saw a cat run in front of him but he's just not up to running after it, so he just "woof"s at the cat as it goes by.

This was a really fun project.We are all suppose to bring our finished puppets to the next meeting. I will bring my camera and take some pictures which I will post at a later date. It will be fun to see all the different faces that were just beginning to appear two weeks ago.
I haven't given him a name yet. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. He looks like that old hound dog that was howling because he sat on a cactus and was just too dang lazy to move. The surprised look on his face is priceless.

    Good job. What 'cha gonna name him? He looks like a "Homer" to me. Looks like a fun project.


  2. He is so cute. I think you should name him Gourdo. You did a great job of painting his face. Have a
    great evening.

  3. LOVE the dog puppet!! Thanks so much for posting on my blog, really appreciate the support. It is great to be able to think about something else these days! Can't wait to see the puppet finished. Take care. Riki

  4. What I like are his ears. He looks like the kind of hunter/birder that John Audobon might take on his treks. So I'm throwing in the name Jake. Short for John, and still dignified.

  5. That is so AWESOME! I love it! I want to try that apoxie clay! Where'd ya get it?!?!?!??! PS_I vote for Gourdo!


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