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Friday, July 3, 2009

I Feel like I Have Failed All of You

I hate to break this to you but your chances of buying that house in Berkeley, Ca. have pretty much gone down the toilet. I have never had such a response to a post of mine before and I feel kind of responsible for the outcome of this story. This afternoon I looked up the listing and it wasn't there, so I went to "listings sold" and..., are you sitting down?...,OUR beautiful house, that one blogger said she would buy as soon as she got her jogging shoes on to run to the bank for "earnest money"; and another who thought we should all get together and buy it as a group; and one artist in Cambria, Ca. who asked if they might take one of her teapots as a down payment...., is"PENDING".

I was so upset that I went outside and watered the garden, picked up the dog poop, fertilized the roses, cut back the irises and told the goats to be quiet when the poor guys just wanted to tell me about the lack of grass in the field. Then I just stared at the Basil, which needs to be picked and made into Pesto before it bolts and flowers.

Then I had a better idea....

I went down town and got a pedicure. It was worth every dollar spent. I came home feeling so much better.
I'm so sorry about the "Masterpiece in Redwood". I really hoped that one of you (with a lot of money, of course) would buy it so my sister I could come and visit...., and I could brag that it was Farmlady who told you about it. Sometimes life is just not fare. Sometimes you just have to go and have your toenails painted to feel better.
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  1. yeah that's it. sometimes a good deal in California is enough to make your heart sick, like my house is awesome condition for $499,000 3900sq ft. prime real estate, but like you said CA may go broke.
    It's amazing that it's sold that FAST! gorgeous house absolutely beautiful. So is Bezerkely still beserk?
    and getting your toes done is so nice I like the foot rub the best.
    so since your feeling so guilty why don't you take us all out for pedicures?
    you don't feel THAT guilty?
    well alrighty then,
    bless your heart.

  2. This is an automatic response to your e-mail: "I'm sorry, but Jo can not be reached right now. She found her jogging shoes, located her earnest money and at this moment Jo and Buddy (he is wearing his jogging shoes too) are jogging their way to Redwood Happiness.I was instructed to tell Farmlady and Sis to pack their bags and critters they will be moving in too." :o)

  3. well at least your tootsies look fabulous... have a good and safe weekend..;p

  4. I am glad someone had the money to buy the house. It was a beautiful one. Enjoy your pedicure. Have a great and wonderful 4th of July. Madeline

  5. Wow, you have pretty feet. Mine are all wrinkled and well, not pretty. Love your curtains too. I am still heart-broken about not being the owner of this house.


    Sad--I've memorized the address to more easily bring up and weep over the webpage...Tis better to have loved and lost and all that rot.

  6. I guess I'll quit collecting boxes at the grocery store.


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