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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrating With Hot Chocolate..., what else?

I'm finally back after a week of gardening, walking, reading and playing with my dogs. This was quite a different week than I usually have. Without the internet I finally remembered what it was that I did B.C.( before computers ). It's only been a little over a year since I started Blogging and when the Computer went crazy last week I ,honestly, didn't know what to do with myself for a few days. Has that happen to any of you? Not only could I not blog but I couldn't e-mail, research ( that's my "tech" term for surfing the net.) or order anything. I felt like part of my world disappeared. I hate to admit this..., but I think I have a serious addiction and I may have to set some limits from now on.
When I went "cold turkey" last week it took me days before I remembered what I had done before all of this madness. By Sunday I was out in the garden planted flowers and pulling weeds like crazy. I even cleaned out a closet and made plans to paint the laundry room. I was just a whirlwind of activity. Even the dogs were confused. They kept looking for me in the guestroom where the computer is. I'm sure Maggie probably said something about all this in here "guest" commentary yesterday. Thanks Mag. Anyway, I'm online again thanks to this really nice young man from Wildblue Service Management, who laughed at me when I told him that we were
adopting him and writing him into our Will.

The Vintage Thingies today are a group of small cups and saucers that my cousin gave me a few years ago. I think they were her Moms or grandmothers. I'm not sure. They are English and Prussian. I don't know why they are so small. Maybe they were for chocolate or strong coffee. They don't look like children's dishes which, I would think, would be much smaller. I have never quite known what to do with them, so they are up in my cupboard and never get used..., but they are really beautiful and they have a history in my family so I find them rather special. The blue cup and saucer is sitting on a crocheted doily that I found in a thrift shop in town. It's in perfect condition. You just never know what you'll find in those great "junk" stores.

I think I will celebrate my return to blogging with a small, antique cup of hot chocolate tonight.

Be sure to check in at: coloradolady.blogspot.com for more vintage Thursday goodies.
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  1. Beautiful cups, They kind of look like little demitase cups. But they are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. this is a great posting,and yes we all need to remember what we did B.C.
    I would really enjoy being able to go for a walk in the park,or be chasing the Ohio Canals again.

  3. I understand about the addiction to the internet. We, too, use Wildblue because we are far enough out that there is no cable. When it acts like it is going to rain I hurry to do whatever I need to do because when it rains, out goes the internet. With spring coming on I need to start setting limits for myself as far as time spent on-line. I'll have to do it or I won't get a garden started or keep it living...

    I'll work on starting a schedule tomorrow... maybe.

  4. pretty pretty, you've been by but you haven't entered the contest! MY back is too sore to plant flowers and the time change is kicking my butt.

  5. Those are beautiful cups....I had to laugh at what did I do before Computers...I know I did not have things that needed to be done around the house like I do now! I need to set limits as well, but seriously, I am not good at that..just ask my two dogs!
    Thanks for showing us your beautiful vintage cups.

  6. Your cups are lovely, she said in a civil tone. HOT CHOCOLATE?!?!?!? I want some! (Nice to have you back!)

  7. The two in the middle are my faves. I like the red a lot! I totally can relate to your post!!! Setting limits is good. The old saying is true...everything in moderation.

  8. Gasp! I love them all. What wonderful cups to use and ponder who has held them before. I'm glad you are back online but I can see how a break would be a huge time restorer.

  9. Are they demi tasse cups? Seems maybe so....... lovely just to look at.

  10. what a lovely collection~ yes i live for a week a year without internet and sometimes at home I take a break too... but then i get to missing you guys and I have to come back... summer time i am outside more and blogging does become more sporatic...
    glad you are back i missed you :)

  11. The cups and saucers are just beautiful. I think all of us go a little crazy when the internet goes out. My mother always said to me do your work first then play I still try to do that, and my play time is on the computer checking the blogs I follow and trying to keep up with mine. Have a good day. Madeline

  12. Beautiful cups. I love the one shaped like a flower. Yes, lots of things got done BC. But look at the knowledge we have gained.


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