Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rain Dancing in the Foothills

This is Murphy's gulch, on our property, after the last storm. The creek was filled to the brim and moving a lot of muddy water down stream. The prospector would say "... it's moving that GOLD around and catching the big nuggets in the bedrock." I, personally, haven't found any of those BIG nuggets yet. I think they moved themselves right on down to the river and settled in 10 feet of water. However, hope springs eternal around here and gold is where you find it.., so maybe, in the summer, we will find that BIG nugget sitting in the ridges of the culvert under the road or nestled in between some rocks in my favorite water hole. Who knows what all this water will push around or dislodge...., cans, plastic bottles, yellow McDonald's wrappers( which, when wadded up and stuck behind a boulder, can stop my heart, until I realize what it really is.)

I love the sound of this creek after a storm. We can hear it from our house. It's the sound of life giving water and it's a wonderful sound.
All the small creeks were filled last week. Every Winter our neighbors had a pond appear below their house where they had a small damn. Years ago when their children where young, we would watch them swimming in this pond at the beginning of summer. Now the kids are grown and gone, and the lake has filled with silt. There is not much left of the pond, now, but the rushing water still feed into it all winter and that memory of two young children swimming and having such fun remains.

This week the sky is blue and the sun is warm and bright. I can't hear the creek from the house. The water dissappears so quickly. We still need more rain. The land will dry out soon and the green will vanish. Spring has been so beautiful but Summer looms ahead . I hope we get more rain to fill the resorvoirs Until then I will hike through the Spring hills, enjoying the lovely wildflowers and do a little rain dance along the way.
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  1. You made my soul sing with this post. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the words that went so appropriately with the photos.

    {Big Sigh}


  2. I can hear the creek and see the children playing in the water...in my mind anyway.

    I am finding out how much there is to do when the computer dies. Mine is taking its time doing it but has days when it works on and off. I forgot I had a yard and gardens I could be tending to...

  3. Another great post. Love the pictures.

  4. i love the sound of running waters it just makes me happy!

  5. You described it so well I could hear the water running. I will pray that y'all get more rain before Summer gets here. We are worried about the summer months without rain also.

  6. What a delightful post, thank you!

  7. I have a creek behind my house which brings me many gifts during a storm if I'm quick enough to catch them as they float by! I love the picture of the blue sky--looks like the clouds are growing out from the tree!

  8. we could use a few of those nuggets, BIG ones!I love the sound of a creek running, we have a little one behind our house in CO. & DH tried to pipe the sound to the deck!
    Your post was positively poetic!
    Do you like poetry? I do!

  9. I'm glad to see you are staying outdoors (Maggie was worried ;-) I love the sound of water rushing by as well. Such a cleansing sound.

    LOL, at finding a McD wrapper in the creek... fool's gold for sure. teehee

  10. your photos are just incredible. the colors and clarity are what I dream of and wish for but never seem to accomplish. Just beautiful!
    We too are having rain, rain rain rain rain rain and more RAIN. We are soggy with rain. But we will be green well into summer and most of the year just a hint of brown in fall. It was one of the things that I flipped out over when we came here. I walked around saying, "Have you ever in your life seen such GREEN?" It is pretty, it is also why LL Bean sells galoshes and wet weather gear. If you get stuck in rain here foor even a few seconds you are SOAKED clean thru.
    sorry for your computer troubles, just so the camera keep up it's stellar performances...

  11. I just love living in California, don't you? I don't relish our hot spots in the summer months, but spring and fall . . . wow, my heart just sings! I've never lived in any other state, but now that I b log and see what other people endure . . . I love California even more. God knew right where to plant me. : D


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