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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maggie: spokeswoman for the day

Hi there, it's Maggie. Farmlady will be back tomarrow. She has had a weird week. Her internet connection went out last Thursday and she's been kind of hard to live with. The computer folks finally came and fixed the satellite dish yesterday and everything seems to be all right. They said it had to do with a power outage during a storm last week. Being a dog, I didn't understand all that was said, but I think all is well now. We got fed everyday and Farmlady spent a lot of time in the garden with us, so it wasn't a big deal. The first few days were the hardest. I would hear Farmlady saying things under her breath about the computer and her tone of voice was not nice. Then , by the weekend she settled down and we spent the last few days out here watching her plant flowers and dig in the dirt. Funny; when we dig in the dirt she yells at us but when she does it, then it's ok. Humans..., go figure.

Anyway, she will be here tomarrow with something Vintage; which means old, like me. I think the gray around my eyes makes them look deeper and sexier. Don't you? I was quite beautiful back in the day. I try to maintain a happy frame of mind. It' keeps you younger. Moke thinks I'm quite the chick. I don't know what the goats think.
Well...,I'm going to take another nap right here in the sun, now. All this blogging has worn me out. Have a wonderful day! Love,Mags
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  1. Maggie, I think you are beautiful regardless of the grey around your eyes. The different tones in your fur just help to accentuate your great beauty!!

  2. Maggie is a beautiful dog. I was wondering what had happened, glad it was only the Internet that was down. It is good they have fixed. Looking forward to further post and pictures. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. HUmmm I am thinking i need to give you my phone number so at the least if this should happen again you can call :) love the mags shes beautiful! and great post there too!
    Hugs and grits to you

  4. Maggie you are gorgeous. I'm sure the goats like yopu just fine especially if they are able to outrun you. Stay in the sun, the warmth is good for those ol'bones sweetie.


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