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Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Other Woman"

I think my husband is in love with another woman. Even though she is older than me I'm beginning to worry.
He took me to meet her yesterday. I've known about her for weeks, but I finally got to see her in person and I have to say....I think I'm in trouble.
SHE is a 1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe and I think she is in better shape than I am. Other than some rusty places (I have several myself) and a few minor age related injuries she's in very good condition.
I was so against this whole relationship. I was not being very accepting of this usurper, this lovely blond vision of long ago . But... she's beautiful and I was kind of taken by her myself.

We went across the highway and had breakfast for lunch at Frank's Cafe. I could feel the thoughts of her floating across the road. The Prospector talked about her with a lilt in his voice... how beautiful she would look after he spent some money on her. But I'm seeing thousands and thousands of dollars floating through the sky like the big vultures that look for road kill along our roads and I start thinking of all the things we need to do around the farm. More gravel for the road, the house painting before Fall, new rug for the living room..., the potting shed I've always wanted.... GULP!

All is lost if someone else doesn't come along and take this woman before my husband does. The blatant disregard for our relationship is evident when he lies down and checks her brakes and shocks. Oh lord! What I'm I going to do?
I may have to get down and dirty. I may have to pull her spark plugs.
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  1. You are funny! And the car is a dream!

  2. You're really in trouble! He is smitten!

  3. This other woman is beautiful but high maintenance-read- heaps of $$$$$

  4. Oh the car is right purty :)

  5. I love your car presentation today. There is nothing wrong with your hubby dreaming. Let him have his day. It could be a great investment, but I am sure he will make the right decision with your help.

  6. The car is downright sexy, that's for sure. It probably won't help to just tell the Prospector, "Back away from the car, just back away...". The color is just perfect.

    Have a lovely weekend - smoochas!

  7. A big LOL here on this end!

    After seeing her photo, I might have to have a swing with her too LOL

    Will he share :) of course I like mine orange!

  8. Try not to be jealous of her.....please don't hate her because she's beautiful!
    (She really IS a beauty, all right!)

  9. She IS beautiful, isn't she? But from what I hear, she drinks a bit... ;)

    Omigosh! And you ate at "FRANK'S"? *sigh* Please tell me that you had the Chicken Fried Steak.... because it's the BEST I've ever had!

  10. OOHHH thats a tough one! I have a desire for a 42 Ford pickup with much the same grill as Blondie there. Except I know that I wouldn't be able to treat him right and would probably grease him in all the wrong places. Plus I can't afford to keep a guy like that....Oh well...a girl can dream can't she?

  11. Funny!!! Pretty classy looking! Cool post!

  12. She is pretty...

  13. I know how you must feel. It takes a lot of money to restore an antique car. It is a beautiful car. Hope all turns out well. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Oh myyyy....she is lovely. And don't think I didn't hear the note of appreciation in your voice as you described her. Maybe this could become a sort of "team project"? Especially since four hands are more efficient than two and your other projects are more likely to get tackled then, too... :-)

  15. cute post! that is a beautiful car though, I would be worried too. :-)


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