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Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Hey, Tonya!"

The new chicks are growing amazingly fast. They are looking for new horizons and yesterday they decided to take a big step toward the sunny ramp leading out of the chicken house.

Standing on the brink of a new life as part of a flock, they will venture forth into the sunlight with determination and bravery.

"Hey, Tonya, that doesn't look like a chicken. What do you think it is? Maybe we should go back inside."

(There..., under the hen house, thinking that no one could see her, Annibel the cat waited. She wasn't exactly stalking them but I find it interesting that she was so curious. The chicks definitely noticed her. Eventually they went back into the hen house and Annibel followed me back to the house. I think she is too use to the chickens to really bother them. All the same..., I will keep an eye on her. We have a turkey that comes to eat corn and drink water across the driveway and she pretends to stalk this big turkey. They have had many standoffs. The turkey stands it's ground and Annibel usually ends up walking away. I think it's a game but you never know with cats. I will not be letting the new Roadies and Rocks "free range" until they are big bad mommas.)
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  1. Awww... aren't they just the sweetest things? Josh and Bec have 5 that are just starting to get their grownup feathers, and I loved how they would come a-runnin' when I hollered "here, chickies, come to mama!"
    When I get home, I'm having Rocks and Domineckers for sure!!

  2. love those ladies! Did you eat last year's chickens?

  3. are your hens pets or for food? I grew up helping mum with the chicken and ducks,

  4. Oh how fun chickens are.

  5. Wow..the chicks big adventure! They sure are pretty...our little ones are still too scared to come out and it hasn't exactly been warm so they are still under 'the light'. Our cat THINKS he can get the chickens but that's as far as it goes.


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