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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Escape

It was 8:30 a.m. on a beautiful spring morning. Farmlady went out to feed the goats and open the gate to the pasture. "Wait! What's going on here?", she cried. The gate was standing open and the lock was still in place. The goats were no where to be seen. "Oh no," thought Farmlady, "This can't be. I know I closed and locked the gate last night. "
She walked around to the front pasture and there they were....

"How did you do that?" She shouted. They were enjoying their morning grass and looking oddly innocent.
"Brownie, I see you hiding from me. How did you goats get through the gate? The latch is bent. The lock is still attach . How did you get out?"
They walked over to the fence. Brownie was about to say something and then Farmlady heard Murphy say, "Brownie, be careful what you say. Don't ruin everything."

Brownie started to say something, gave Farmlady a small smile and stopped.
"How did you do it Brownie?" asked Farmlady and then she waited for a reply.
Brownie leaned against Murph' and closed his eyes. She thought she heard Murphy say, in a low voice.. "It's OK Brownie. Be strong."
"Your not going to tell me are you?" Farmlady shook her head. It was a conspiracy of goats.
Farmlady backed away and realized that this was another goat secret that she would never figure out. Murphy, she surmised, was becoming the new leader of the pack and because he was the smartest goat and had magical powers , there would always be things happening around the farm that she would not have answers for. The goat boys were learning that strength in numbers was important and Brownie was learning to heed the other goat's advice.. at least Murphy's advice. She thought to herself that this was not an altogether bad thing.
The goats were use to being let out earlier. They waited until they got tired of waiting and then made a decision that the power should be in their hands (hooves). The will to be the masters of their own world won the pasture. Nietzsche would have been proud.
Farmlady thought that she would open the gate earlier tomorrow morning. The Prospector was away for a few days and she was use to doing inside things first. Maybe she had waited too late in the morning to let them out.
She sighed deeply... tomorrow would be different.
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  1. Goats! I just love goats! They are like living, breathing, escaping cartoon characters. Fun story.

  2. It is a conspiracy! And they will never tell you what happened unless you bribe them with cookies!

  3. a goat conspiracy! that is too funny ;)

  4. Oh noooo! Sounds like my old friend Felicity may be on the lurk, helping her fellow goats out!

    We saw the tiny goats, not sure what they're name is, but so cut, like cats walking in a field!

    I want a bumper sticker, I *heart* goats!

  5. Ha! Well, you can always threaten them if nothing else will keep them in line. I don't know what with, though..lol! Goats are the sneakiest, most close-mouthed creatures I know, and it seems yours are right up there with the best of 'em!
    Nietzsche sure would be proud though.

    And LOL! my word verification is "sneakers"! How apt is that???

  6. I love Murphy! What a cleaver goat he is and so magical.

  7. They knew where they wanted to go - how funny that they got there! It will be interesting to see if they repeat this!

  8. Thanks for the laugh and the memory of other escape artists of the goat variety! My goat only ever escaped when my twin grand-daughters were around. He would chase one of them, always the same one, even if he had to get past one to chase the other. He knew which one was more fun, which one would scream and run!! I could never convince her that if she just stood there it would be no fun for him and he would stop doing it. And no, he never caught up with her although he could have if he wanted. Wonderful animals!!

  9. Your goats are always up to something Farmlady, they are very cunning!

  10. Your goat stories would make a cute children's book.

  11. If these silly goats continue with their crazy antics, I guess you could always threaten them with those really intense stares like the ones George Clooney used in the mind control system he used in the movie, "The Men Who Stare at Goats." LOL
    hugs, Sue

  12. Ha ha ha!! That's great memories for me! We had one particular goat, Dixie, who figured out how to turn on the outside faucet (and drain the well when we're gone) and open the door knob. One summer day my sister and I came running back through the woods to the house to find the door wide open and 8 goats frolicking inside! 2 babies jumping and butting heads on the couch, one on the kitchen table, little "pellets" on the carpet, and a bite out of every house plant!

    Don't know how she learned to "turn" things. Probably from just watching us. They are such intelligent animals. :-)


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