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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Falling Asleep In Highchairs

Remember this feeling? Being so, so sleepy. The eyelids getting heavier..., tummy full ..... and if it wasn't a "binky", it was a favorite blanket or a bear with it's button eye missing. Your family was all around you and the world seemed safe.

I do.....

(My grandson, "baby bean" and myself at about the same age.)
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  1. Aww, what adorable pictures! I sure do remember when my kids would fall asleep in their high chairs it they looked so peaceful and content...

  2. They always seem to make it onto America's Funniest Home Videos. LOL

  3. I hadn't seen the photo in your header as I'd been using Google Reader. It brought tears to my eyes - I can imagine Lyle took it of his three "girls". Was it a Napa picnic?

    And you in the highchair! So adorable with those blond curls...

  4. So sweet. I miss having a sweet toddler, face covered with spaghetti noodles, sleeping soundly in his highchair. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Very cute! My girls always fought sleep so we never got that photo.

  6. When my son was small he feel asleep whenever he ate!!! It lasted until about the age of 6. Fun memories!

  7. Love the pics the one of you is adorable. Our oldest son once fell asleep standing up, leaning on chair & one of the twins fell asleep on the toilet! Unfortunately, no pics of either event!

  8. But his highchair looks a lot more comfortable than yours!!!!


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