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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, What do you think?

The serving plate, above, is a beautiful china plate surrounded by a decorative chrome frame. The back says that it is called UMBERTONE made for Farberware by LEIGH potters, inc. U.S.A. It is a pretty pattern that was made in the 1930's and I found it online priced anywhere from $20. to $60.( some online antique stores are ripping folks off). I got it for $4.50. Good deal? Yep! It has a crack in the plate but the metal rim will always hold the plate together and the crack is only hairline so I don't think it will ever fall apart.
Interesting detail: The word Umbertone is spelled UN~bertone on the back of the plate. When I Googled the word I was directed to the right spelling. Could this be like a coin that has a flaw in it or a reversed letter/number. Could this make it more valuable? Does anyone know about these things?

The cookie jar without a lid is an example of finding things that have a memory attached to them. I remember my grandma having a jar like this. It's off-white background, the leaf handles and the little bugs all remind me of one, many years ago, on a shelf in the kitchen at my grandma's house. Wish there was a lid but, oh well, I bought it for $5.00 and will use it for a planter anyway. The mark on the bottom says TRANSOR WARE~Japan. I love the colors and the design. The small yellow Mums look lovely in it.
The cute little yellow hankie with turquoise and pink trim was $1.00 and it's just such a bright, sunny piece of happiness on a cold winter day. It just kind of went with the smile sign over my desk. The bear didn't mind holding it for the photo shoot at all.

This little piece of lace was actually two pieces. My sister and I split this sweet little "find". I'm not sure what I will do with it but it's so pretty and I'm sure I will figure out something. The two pieces were sold together for $4.00, so my half was a couple of bucks. That's a deal.
The little bear thinks that it's beautiful too. I draped it like a collar.., then kind of like a skirt. When I took the last shot( in the lower right corner) she had decided that she liked it best as a hat.
What fun this weekend was. What wonderful fun and time spent. I enjoyed my hunt for that "special" find. It's kind of like Geocaching, only the rainy day version and you get to bring it ALL home with you. Not a bad 3 days worth for $12.50..., plus lunch.


A big change of subject here...,
I saw rescue workers pull a small child out of the rubble in Haiti this morning on the news.
If someone asks you why we are making such a big effort to help these people down there.., please tell them it's because we need to.., because we can.., and because of that little girl.., and others who are still alive, underneath the rubble. It's all about being a part of HUMANITY. How could we not help?
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  1. You did get some good buys. I really like them all especially the cookie jar. Thank you for your visit and nice comment on my last post. I agree with you on our helping the people in Haiti. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. Love your 'finds'! The lace is especially lovely! If you decide what to do with it, I hope you will blog about it - with PICTURES! BTW - I received a comment on what to feed chickens, and someone mentioned seeing grapefruit peels left for hens - I hope you know those are a 'no-no' for chickens, as well as the uncooked potato peelings! Horrors!

  3. You have a wonderful talent for finding beautiful things farmlady! I went antiquing with my friend Debi from http://giraffeheadtree.blogspot.com/
    We didn't purchase anything but took some nice photos. We'll be posting soon.
    It breaks my heart to see people in Haiti suffer. I'm glad we can help.

  4. My goodness I need to follow you around shopping. You found some great pieces and for the right prices.
    thank you for stopping by my site and joining. I am looking forward to getting to know you'


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