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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magic Monkey Curse

If this works I will have to eat my words about MONKEYS. If using them as a threat to Blogger for yesterday's "error" fest works, I will then have to apologize to my friend Jan of Little Pink Houses for everything I ever said about Monkeys.
This is my last effort to post photos on my Blog. Then I'm not sure what I will do. AND YOU WON'T KNOW ANYWAY, BECAUSE YOU WON'T SEE THIS POST AT ALL. #*$&%

Thank you Blogger and the Magic Monkeys. I know that Jan will never let me live this down but it will be worth whatever she throws my way. I now have a "magic monkey" box for all those occasions when I need extra powers.
I just wish that when I asked Blogger for an answer, they would respond with SOMETHING, any kind of small response that might have said that It's OK. we are working on it: A bone for the dogs of blogs out here. Please....,
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  1. Ha Ha Ha! Ok I know there is magic... and some really cute monkeys...And some day when I can't post something on Blogger I'll come running to farmlady for answers...I think!

  2. OK I am totally lost but i have been out of the loop and your blog is looking fantastic!!

  3. They work, see! My friend Gale has a sign in her kitchen that scares me " I have flying monkeys and I'm not afraid to use them"!

  4. I like how you used red capital letters to let us know you were pissed. Nice touch. (I feel your pain.)

    So glad your monkeys are being helpful and earning their keep. I think they are "paying it forward" so they don't get chewed; sharp little deciduous canine teeth mauling and remaining in their plush bodies or mangling their hard plastic until they are unrecognizable as something that was once so precious.

    I await that apology...

  5. P.S. Love your pillow cases, and I see you fit that gorgeous side by side in your bedroom where you can enjoy it every day!


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