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Friday, January 22, 2010

Around the Rain Drenched Farm

The Ladies started laying again this week. They must have taken my threats seriously. I could have used the "magic monkey" curse, since it worked so well with Blogger, but I didn't have to. My chickens have "magic" of their own. Look at those blue eggs. The Araucana hens really know how to lay an egg don't they?
So, yesterday, with these fresh eggs, and taking the whole afternoon off from dealing with computers, I BAKED COOKIES.
We love Snickerdoodles around here. I put some orange zest into the batter in honor of my mother, I put orange zest in just about everything. So did she. It's one of those sweet aromas that remind me so much of her. The house was filled with this wonderful fragrance for the rest of the day.
This is the view of our front yard from the chicken house. It rained all day yesterday. Everything sparkled..., except the goats, of course. They were inside their house grumbling.
Brownie has had a frown on his face for days. I don't' even want to have a discussion about the weather with him. He's in a foul mood and it wouldn't be pretty. We need this rain so badly here. He just doesn't understand. GOATS!!

I want to wish my dear "childhood" friend, Dawn, a very happy Birthday. I will tell you the wonderful story of how she found me and where we came from, soon. It's a wonderful story of friendship; lost and regained. Stay tuned...
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  1. Cool I have not seen fresh laid eggs like that since I was a wee lass on my great grandmothers land, that is until the chicken prison got infested with rattle snakes. They got too old to take care of animals is a piece of the story...

    Orange zest is my middle name
    run the round fruit across the plane
    piece about yah hoo, thick and thin
    place into a bowl, add flour, milk, and sugar
    mix it up, bake them down
    and what happens?
    You'll drive a chef insane
    If Orange zest is her middle name

    Okay I am done being silly, but I think 'zesters' are wandering spirits with exquisite sense of smell and taste :)

    How are my goat friends doing this week? Pat them for me, and say E (leave Chef out, animals have a problem with that) says howdy!

  2. What beautiful eggs. I know California needs the rain but I feel so sorry for the people in the southern part of California. Your cookies looked so good, made me hungry. Have a great evening and try and stay dry. Madeline

  3. Perhaps if you had shared some of those Snickerdoodles with Brownie he just might have discovered a reason to smile in spite of the rain. From the weather report we are supposed to have rain over the weekend with temps in the high 40s and 50s and then turning to snow about Tuesday and temps dropping back to the 20s. I think I need to make cookies.

  4. Although I don't remember ever seeing it happen I have heard the story for years of one of our neighbors swatting her hens with a broom when they weren't laying like she thought they should.

    And snickerdoodles... I can smell them now. Maybe a nibble of a cookie would improve Brownie's outlook on the world.

    What a fun post.


  5. Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. I'm only a week late catching up on your blog. Homemade snickerdoodles, one of my favorite cookies. Never tried them with orange zest; sounds good. It's a good thing you're there and I'm here or I'd be taste-testing those snickerdo's; and you know once I start, I can't stop. It's a glorious Saturday here in western Michigan, the sun is shining brightly. I wish I could capture the "diamond glints on snow" with my camera. The temperature has risen all the way up to 15F from the minus 2, during the night.
    Hugs to you ~ Dawn


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