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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Little Surprise.: Carlton, (aka;Carl) our new Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

When The Prospector called me on Wednesday and said he was going down to a Farm,in Alcampo, to"Look" at a dog, I said "Fine, just don't buy anything until I get home". Thursday night he called and said that he had "Fallen in love". In 44 years of marriage I had never heard this statement from him before.
He said that when I drove home on Sunday, he would meet me at this farm and show me this puppy that he was so "..in love" with. I said goodby to my sister Sunday morning and drove out through the delta, across the Sacramento Valley, through Lodi and headed east to the ...only a post office, don't blink or you'll miss it town of Alcampo. The Prospector was waiting on the corner of two rural roads where we had planned to meet each other before we drove to the ranch. I followed him for a couple of miles and we arrived at a wonderful horse ranch with an entourage greeting of 7 Pembroke Welsh Corgis wagging non-existent tails at us as we drove in. It seems that these dogs are all the happy family of Carl, last of a litter of 6 and the cutest little puppy you ever saw in your life.
It was love at first sight. Hands down. Not a minute of doubt. This was THE dog we have been looking for. This was the little guy who would be a part of our lives from now on. Moke would have approved. It was a match made in heaven.

Carl is a adapting well. No doubt about it. He is in command and marking his territory. He's lovable and very affectionate. He's curious and smart, has won Maggie over in two days, although Maggie barks and worries when he runs around fast. Annibel, the cat is another story and may take a bit longer to adjust. Carl had cats in his life so he thinks that Annibel is OK, but Annibel is not so sure. We are working on the relationship.

This little dog is a breath of fresh air for us. The final "cure" for the sadness of losing Moke. We will never forget our wonderful German Shorthair and he can never be replaced but this little dog will bring us such happiness..., in two short days, he already has. We are laughing again. Dogs Rule.....
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  1. What a gorgeous little guy!
    I love how his ears seem to be bigger than his little body!

  2. He is gorgeous! I'm so excited for you! I love corgis. Those ears! Oh I'm dyin' lol.

  3. How adorable he is! What a perfect dog for you and the Prospector. I had to laugh when I read the bit about him "being in love". Actually, I've seen him be pretty sappy about those goats too. Now you have quite a little zoo to lavish all your love upon.
    Enjoy, dear heart!

  4. Now that's a CUTIE! I came here in search of a smile . . . and found one. Thank you. : D

  5. How wonderful! karen over at the Rocking Pony raises these kinds of dogs she has been posting some cute pictures too. SO glad for you to have a new little love!

  6. He is so cute I can see why it was love at first sight. I know he never will replace the dog you lost but he will and has already brought the smile back to your face. Have a wonderful day. Madeline

  7. What a cutie Carlton is.....
    You have been busy as a beaver posting. I have enjoyed reading every post. I am o glad to hear that your Mom and Sis are doing so well. I was just thinking about them the other day.

    JD's son's MIL has a Welsh Corgi and foxie is a very intelligent little thing.

  8. That guy is so cute. I can see whay you and the prospector fell in love. What a lucky boy to live with you all - and the goats!

  9. He's a cutie patootie. Funny how something so little can fill such a big hole in a heart.

  10. That's a special little boy. I can tell. :-)

  11. Carl is a gorgeous little guy. My niece had a corgi named Tank and he went rodeoing with them and he would babysit my great niece, up to and including grabbing her by the pampers if she tried to toddle off. They are wonderful little dogs. While you can't ever 'replace Moke', Moke is watching over you and happy that this little guy opened your heart up again. And you are right...

    Dogs rule!!!


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