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Friday, April 24, 2009


Maggie has finally found her maternal instinct..., in just 5 days. I guess it just lays dormant in all of us until some cute little baby starts running through the house, causing chaos and needing some attention. Poor Mags is tired, through. She says that her arthritis is really bothering her with all the running around and getting up to monitor the "speedster" . Carl thinks that Maggie is one of his pack now, and his resident chew toy. When he gets carried away, Maggie growls and puts her head on top of him, as if to say..., "Ok squirt, stop." , and Carl stops. He likes Maggie and wants to be her friend. He's very smart and seems to know when Maggie has had enough.


They sat together and posed for this picture. I said "Hey guys, SMILE!" and they did. How cute! I just love how dogs know about other dogs and "pack" together. Carl is so good for Maggie. He has lifted her sprites and given her a new lease on life. They have accepted each other except for one thing. Carl sleeps in a crate in the livingroom and when I tried to move it into the bedroom , where Maggie sleeps, Maggie barked and would not let him into the bedroom. For some reason she doesn't want him to invade her sleeping quarters. We'll keep trying.
The cat, Annibel, is another story, for another day.....
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  1. this reminds me of cookie our shep mix,I found a tiny baby kitty that had to be only a week old and its moma cast it aside as well as one of his sisters.I took him home and one of the workers where I was a security guard took the girl.We figured the Tigger the gil cat would take to mothering the baby kitten we named RJ.Nope but our shep nix did.that was funny to watch this big dog gently taking care of "her baby"

  2. I love it when the bonding gets going. I really think that Carl being around will help Maggie a bunch and the smiles you coaxed out of them for the photo?... priceless.

    I'd say the Prospector hit paydirt on this find for all of you... except maybe Annibel, but cats are, well, cats.

    As for the sleeping in the bedroom... have you tried having them both in there with you maybe folding clothes on the bed or something, not at bedtime, just like doing a normal cleaning or something? Or does Mags just not here of him being in the room at all? Or maybe if you put his crate in the bedroom for short periods, maybe when you were running the vacuum, and walk in and out with them following you so Maggie would get used to seeing it...

    Just a few thoughts.


  3. Awww... Isn't it good to them bonding? And that "pose" is just precious!

    (lol.. my word verification is:

  4. so cute. Hum I don't know about the sleeping thing, I would think you guys are the pack leaders and she needs to let him in if that's what ya'll want. I'm bossy like that.

  5. That pic is so good. I'm glad Mags is perking up but it sounds like she could use some more time in the sun.

  6. Glad the dogs are bonding. I love the pictures, they both look happy and contented. Have a good day. Thank you Connie for your visit to my blog.

  7. that is wonderful that the two are bonding so quickly. I love those smiley pictures. I am thinking thought that the two of them need to switch ears. Carl certainly does have some ears to grow into.

    Sounds to me as if Your little bundle of energy has brought new life to his people too.

    Love Hugs to you, Elly Mae!

  8. Glad to hear Maggie has a new friend to help keep her young at heart. They are both so cute! That was a really great picture!

  9. I love that bottom picture of the dog s together. Oh my Goodness... their faces are so adorable. Maggie has such a sweet old face.

  10. i got a kick out of the drink mixes on the bottom of the mixer that was great stuff LOL It makes an awesome vase...

    Love the bonding they are great!
    once they share grits they will be bound forever :)


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