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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Busy Week

On Easter Sunday I drove to my Brother-in-law's house to join my husband's family for dinner. We all had a wonderful time. The Bean and his brother played and looked for Easter eggs and ate lots of good food. It was a beautiful, warm, California day.
The Prospector picked up his mother and niece and drove them from Stockton to Pittsburg and back to Stockton that night. I drove down separately because I was continuing on to my sisters for a visit.

Then I drove to my Sister's house where I have been for a week. I saw my Mom almost everyday. The rest home where she lives was just lovely. Everything was in bloom and in the ivy geranium , hanging on the front porch, a Dove had built a nest. Everyday I found her sitting on her eggs . Looking at me as if to say..., "Don't you come to close now, I don't want to have to fly away." So I would give her a wide berth and leave her alone...,except for the photos I took. I cropped these pictures to get a better view of her sitting in the planter but I never got close enough to scare her away.
On Thursday I took Mom to lunch and back over to her house to see the cat which is still there. ( She leaves food and a place in the garage for the cat to sleep. ) and picked up some things that she wanted. She knows that she can't go back home now, but I know it's hard for her to see her home and know that she will never live there again. Still, she wants to visit. The house remains empty because she doesn't want to rent it. This may have to change at some point but for now it's OK. She loves where she is and they take such good care of her. She knows that she can never live in her home again and has accepted this ,but it is still very hard for her, and for my sister and I as well.

On Friday Sis and I met a friend for lunch and a trip to ROOM WITH A PAST. This is the once a month warehouse shop, filled with home furnishings and collectibles, that just happened to be THIS weekend. Isn't it a coincidence that my trips always seem to fall on the weekend of this sale every month? I'm just so lucky sometimes.
Every month they have a whole new store with new antiques and collectibles. Now, they have added a whole new section with more rooms. (See the arched doorway with the black and white floor? That's the new section.) My friend Jan Ely planned and painted the new section and it's gorgeous!! This store is a wonderland of vintage antiques and home decor. If any of you who live in California ever get to Walnut Creek you must go to see this store. It's just fabulous!! Check out the dates at the link above.

Well, I'm home and glad to be here. Tomorrow I have a surprise for you. It's a surprise that you will want to see. STAY TUNED.
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  1. What a beautiful weekend it looks like you had...And I love the photo of the dove nesting in the geraniums.
    You are very lucky to have your trips fall on the weekends where you can go to a once a month sale, too.

    I hope you have an excellent week.


  2. Glad your mom is doing well! IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE YOU BOTH!!! Your sis looks wonderful and I was so touched that she thought to wear the necklace!!!

    I must correct you -- I did not plan and paint the whole new section by myself! Most of the "Roomies" pitched in, and Susan did more than everyone combined! But it sure came together nicely!

    Man you know how to rock a photo!

  3. so good to catch up with you again.
    sorry about your mom but it is good you take her to see the cat and her home, one step at a time.
    I love coming to see your blog it's just like a visit.

  4. I have to go to that store. :-)

  5. The store facinates me... and I am so glad you get there just in time :) I am glad your mom is adjusting and is still able to keep her house there for the cat :)
    Grits and hugs to you!
    I have missed you :)

  6. Welcome home, Connie, missed you while you were gone. So glad you had a wonderful Easter with you family. Glad to hear your Mom and sister are doing well and that you got to visit with them. I know you're glad to be home. The pictures are just beautiful. Have a great day. Madeline


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