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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tornado Alley

A few days ago I went over to see my friend J who lives in a wonderful old victorian in town. We went out to lunch, bought Starbucks and came back to her place. This is her back door. Isn't this wonderful? This is the photo (above) I took at Christmas, so on Tuesday there was not any Poinsettia or Christmas decor hanging on the door.., but it was just as charming all the same.
If you will remember I did a Wordless Wednesday post on J's new kittens, Kansas and Twister, in early December. Well here they are, again, only they're teenagers now. They have turned into bigger, funnier bundles of energy. Kansas, (above) is not exactly the leader of the pack, but he can stare at you with those spooky blue eyes until you say "I give" and look away. I think he became a little annoyed at me for sticking the camera in his face all the time.He believes that "retreat" is the best stragedy when your not sure what's going to happen next. He follows Twister's lead and runs around for a while, then he lies down for a short rest in a sunny spot. He's a handsome dude and he knows it.

Twister, on the other hand is definitely the Boss. Ruler of her own kingdom. and master of mischief. Everything is a curiousity and everything has to be examined. Everything. Twister is , like her name, a tornado. She flies through the house and attacks anything, Bungee jumping off the stair landing without a cord. Waiting and pouncing; practicing for the day when she will confront all the wild felines of Amador County. Her eyes are filled with expectation and reflect a sense of wonder about the world she lives in. She is, in short, a mover and a shaker. I think I saw her drinking the Starbucks.

Not having had cats for a long time, I forgot how kittens and young cats can act. They are really funny, and even thought they are driving J crazy, she loves them. But then, she is a CAT PERSON. She understands them; although my guess is that they may be "outdoor" cats by summer. She is even training them to come to her when she whistles. They get a fishy treat if they come. It works. Maybe she could train them to use the toilet next. I hear it can be done.

Thanks for a fun day "J". We had a good time and I love those kittys. Please click on the pictures of Kansas and Twister for a close up of these two little rascals.

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  1. They are gorgeous! I want to pick them up and squish em. I am a cat person too... my kitties have their own door. ;-)

  2. How cute are those babies... Sounds like everything in the house is up for exploration, climbing on or attacking.

    Fun post.

  3. you are so funny, spoken like a true dog person!


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