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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Well..., what can I say. We do tend to spoil our dogs around here. We have no excuses. This couch has been taken over by our canine companions and we let it happen.
But look at him. How could I tell him to go lay somewhere else just because I want to sip my coffee and read my book at THAT end of the sofa; the end with the reading light and the pillow.
Ok Moke! You don't have to rub it in my face. I know your the man. Sweet dreams dogface!
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  1. he is just way way too cute! I do think i coul dhave scooted him and let me be his pillow as long as i had a good book to keep me company :D

  2. Isn't it just amazing some of the positions our 'children' can get in when they are snoozing. Who can look at their couch potatoes and have the heart to boot them off? Fortunately I taught Chloe and SueSue to "scoot"... that means move over and share. :-)

    Wonderful post. Thanks.

  3. LOL...they do have a way of taking over, don't they?

  4. yup, we've been making quite a few concessions to the dog-faces (& cat-faces) around here too. Not mine, but my daughter's :-)

  5. There is nothing better than doggie love. I think they know how to roll over and get lippy looks that are irresistible just to keep the couch and the bed and whatever else is the best spot. Way cute dog, you said dogs with an s what do your dogs look like? I LOVE dogs. I just thought you had goats.

  6. He is in Doggy Heaven isn't he...!

  7. LOL....I have different dog and different couch...but same problem!!...and he takes the light end:) I love your photos:)


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