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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vintage Thursday; Simple and Practical Lovelies

These three little pitchers are just wonderful for cream, hot syrup or melted butter etc. They're small ( each is about 5" ) and come in a variety of shapes and colors.
They don't take up that much space and they are not expensive. I'm showing the bottom of the green one because it's got this cute little bird on it and also, because I want to show you that everything that has "U.S.A." on it is not McCoy. I have seen lots of people selling things on Ebay and saying that they think it's a McCoy because it has U.S.A. in the bottom. Some McCoy did have just a U.S.A. mark on the bottom , especially during the 40's, but so did other pottery. Just a heads up so you don't buy something that you think is a "real McCoy" and then find out it's not. This little pitcher is not a McCoy.
The last photo is of two glass syrup containers and a glass sugar keeper. I love glass containers with the plastic or lucite tops in different colors. The small one with the green top could be used for sugar too, but I think liquid would work better. I have no book on these pieces and my knowledge is limited, but I think they are pretty and useful.
When I was growing up my mother always put syrup, butter and sugar etc. in pretty containers like this on the table. No tubs, boxes or cans from the store were ever a part of a "set" table no matter how busy she was. This was who my Mom was and how she did things. It was also the 50's when the home was a place to be proud of and, being a "stay at home" Mom was a career. We always had dinner in the "dining room" and not in the kitchen. It was a time to talk and share our day with each other. Sunday breakfast was special and syrup was warmed in a pitcher to pour over homemade pancakes.
Life has changed and women are busier now. It's hard to find time for the little amenities that make life more beautiful, but there are still things that we can do to make our life a bit more special, even if it's just pouring milk into a glass pitcher and setting it on the table. Try one thing. A simple thing that someone will remember. Make a memory.

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I want to wish my friend Karen a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
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  1. You are right, these are so cute! Right up my alley. Love them

  2. Love the little pitchers. The colors are so soft. Happy birthday to your friend?

  3. Love these little pitchers.I'm afraid so many people are fooled into thinking something is made by McCoy just because of the usa on the bottom, but I would be very careful.

  4. I like your suggestion of putting something pretty on the table for mealtime use. Seems everyone is in such a big hurry - this might help to slow down things a bit! I think I have finally gotten near the end of my blog visits for VTT! Have a good one!

  5. Those little pitchers would be perfect in my family because certain people need their own personal gravy boats!
    When you stop by my VTT, check out my Wed post. I have 5 potential giveaways. Ends Fri midnight.

  6. Loved all of the pitchers. I'm with you on having something special on the table...I say as I sit in front of the tv with my dinner plate. =) Hubby and I don't eat in front of the tv very much though.

  7. cool stuff... Happy Birthday Karen!
    yes to dinner at the table ALWAYS!

  8. I love all your kitchen things. They don't have to be expensive or fancy for me to love..and you have some really sweet things. I too, remember my mother setting her table just so, even for "just family". Somehow, we lost a lot when all that stopped..and you're right. We should make a memory. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend..

  9. Love the little pitchers--have never seen the little bird on them before--how special!

    Hey I got through an entire post without buggin' you!

    Oops, maybe not?

  10. Dinner time was always a special time at out house growing up. After I was married and had children we always had dinner together at the dinning room table. Now that it is just my husband and myself we still have have dinner at the table. I just love your kitchen glassware. Have a blessed day.

  11. Great ceramic and glass pitchers. I totally agree with you-we've always had dinner together and always with serving dishes on the table. But I can't take credit for it-DH has always thought it was the nicest way (when we first were married, I protested-thought it was too much washing up...glad now he insisted!)With a microwave, you can just store leftovers and heat them up in the serving dishes.

  12. My Mum was the same, NEVER was anything allowed on the tsble in it's store container!
    Love the little jugs, clean simple lines.

  13. so how do you tell a real McCoy?


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