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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vintage Thursday

This is a 1932 Better Homes & Garden magazine that I gave my sister for Christmas tucked into an antique planter. I think this magazine is so beautiful with it's muted colors and frayed edges.
The ads are so much fun to read....,
and this Westinghouse stove is just the kind of stove I would love to buy for my kitchen, only it would be a zillion times more expensive, now, if I could even find one in good shape.
Then there is the article about HOW AND WHERE TO KEEP YOUR CLOTHES. I guess they had to be organized back then because look at the size of the closets.
I still have this fantasy about owning an old house, but I don't know about those closets. I thought I had small closets in this house, but mine are twice as big as these in the magazine. Our closets are jammed full. I don't know why? I think we need a lot more space in this house for clothes and storage. Either that or we need to read this article and get organized.
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  1. I love old magazines... especially the womens ones. The articles and old time adds crack me up. Sears Roebuck is another fun one to thumb through.

  2. How wonderful! Oh, and I vote for more space. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. i am a firm believer tha tth ebigger the closet the more junk I will put in it... I NEED bigger closets... no I dont I need to de clutter and get rid of stuff but everything... ok most everyting I have has sentimental value to me... sigh I am hopeless... one day when feeling very brave I will take a photo of the 75 plus yr old shifferobe i have and what JUNK is inside it LOL.

  4. What a great vintage mag..i agree the stove's gorgeous but those closets are way too small :)

  5. Oh, I just love old magazines, this one looks especially nice.

    Welcome to Vintage Thingies Thursday! I am glad you are here, we have a lot of fun everyweek.

  6. I love vintage magazines and patterns....well, truth to tell, I love most all things vintage. :). Happy belated VTT....hope you have a lovely week.

  7. I love the smell of old magazines and books. I have lived in several big old houses with those mini closets. I always considered myself to be a fairly organized person, but those tiny skinny closets always got the best of me.


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