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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pacifica, Ca. , from a safe distance.

Just a few miles south of San Francisco, on the Pacific Coast Highway is a little town called Pacifica. It's amazing to me that it's still so small compared to other towns in the Bay Area. It's a very easy commute to San Francisco and has some charming areas to live in, although it is expensive.
A couple of years ago my sister bought a condominium in the hills overlooking the town and it has become her sanctuary from the busy suburbs. From her home in Lafayette she can get to Pacifica in a half hour, so it's very convenient and it's near her "beloved" Ocean. This also means that her "beloved" sister and family get to use it too. What a lovely arrangement. The  ocean and her  sister don't really have a lot in common because I happen to be mightily afraid of the big, gigantic Pacific, but I love the weather, especially when the foothills are roasting in the 100 degree plus oven of a central Sierra summer. I love her wonderful new ocean home because it's beautiful, relaxing and quite a distance from the beach, with a view to die for. We have so much fun when just the two of us go over there, that I almost forget about that big endless, rolling sea lapping at the land to the west.

From the upper left clockwise in the picture above are: The entrance, "My" bedroom (That valance is a swag of greenery and small lights with a wreath in the center. Beautiful isn't it?), The mantel, over the fireplace, and a set of six calendar prints that Sis framed and hung over her couch in the livingroom.

This is just about as close as I get to the big water, but I wanted you to see what your missing if you love THE OCEAN. These photos are for all of you out there who have no idea how very beautiful California is and for the rest of you who think that we are all going to break off, in a large earthquake, and disappear into the jaws of the Pacific. It's not true. It will only happen when.., and if I walk out to the end of that pier in the bottom left photo. As I told a friend, who asked if I walked out there this weekend...., "ARE YOU CRAZY? I did that one time and there is no earthly reason to do it again." I do not believe that it's wise to tempt the earthquake/tsunami gods and I don't believe in that "Face your fears" baloney, either. But it is beautiful from the walkway or bike path and even more beautiful from my sisters place in the sunset photo. Now that's a "safe" distance.
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  1. as scared of heights as I am and as terrified of bridges especially HIGH BIG ones... I would walk out to the end of the pier... but I dont think I could ever cross the san fransisco bridge... EVER...I love the beach and ocean... dont want to go deep out into it but like to look for shells and to play in the surf...and walk out on the piers LOL.
    we make a wild pair... just give us grits and duct tape and we are JUST FINE :D

  2. It all looks so beautiful. I miss the ocean... I haven't been in over a year. Your pictures are breath taking.

  3. This ocean-lover thanks you for the pics and the call to memory of the tang of salt on the chill wind. (Pacifica has always been offered a chilly reception to me . . . and I LOVE it!)

  4. Wow, I love the photographs. Especially the beach shots. Nice camera!! Great eye!!

  5. Like you, I like to admire the beauty of the ocean,be it Atlantic or Pacific from a distance. And the view from your camera is fine as far as I am concerned. Could be because I almost drowned in the Atlantic when I was a teen. I learned real quick how powerful the ocean is.


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