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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going and Coming Back in the New Year.

I'm back home and so glad to be here. My visit to the bay area was a day longer than I had planned but that was ok because I packed a lot of coming and going into five days.
My sister ended up having eight people for dinner on New Years Day. It was kind of unexpected but we got enough food together, set a pretty table, and had a great time. She said it was almost more relaxing this way because she didn't have time to WORRY about what she was going to do.
I brought Mom over to Sis's house for dinner. She had a good time and enjoyed being there but she had a cough.
Sis and I had planned to go over to the ocean for two days. Mom said she was ok and just wanted to rest for the weekend, so the next day, we took off. We stopped in Berkeley for lunch and looked at some of the stores on 4th street. Then we drove over to Pacifica and snuggled into the condo for the night. The wind blew and it rained all night. It was the first time I'd been there in a storm. It was wonderful, cold and wild.
The next day we went to a couple of antique stores down in the old part of Pacifica, walked on the shoreline, took pictures( did you think I wouldn't have my camera?), ate lunch, cruised through Ross( our favorite store for bargains), and picked up food for dinner. On Sunday we came home. It was a quick, fun trip that we enjoyed throughly.
Mom went to see her doctor on Sunday because the cough was getting worse. He said she had a virus, but not anything worse, and gave her some medicine. We went to see her yesterday and she was feeling better. Today I stopped by and she was feeling much better. Thank goodness for modern medicine. I left Mom's and got home in about 2 and 1/2 hrs. The traffic was kind of heavy but the weather was good so the trip home was , all in all, not bad.

It's foggy and cold and the Prospector is happy that I have returned; so are the dogs (and the goats). Tonight it's very cold. Jo (in Pennsylvania) and Donna (in Montana)..., I hear you laughing, but we will be freezing by morning. 32 degrees is cold for us and requires comment here in the foothills and maybe an extra blanket or two.

I will post some photos tomarrow. I have some good ones.
I'm still praying for snow, but know that this may be a fruitless effort.
I'm going to change into my jammies and go cuddle with my husband, now.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.


  1. Sweet dreams Farm Lady. Can't wait to see you trip pics. Glad you had fun and made it home safely.

  2. sounds like a wonderful trip to me! did you share grits with them??? LOL

  3. Glad you made it home ok, and that your mother is feeling better. Looking forward to your pictures.

  4. Glad you had a nice New Years with your sister and mom.
    You did'nt mention the wharf this time. I always die laughing when you talk about being afraid of the water and you live where there are rattle snakes.
    I used to camp in Arryo Seco and would be so scared of rattlers I would swim down the river with my backpack over my head to avoid hiking on the rocks where the snakes liked to sun themselves.
    Glad your Mom is doing well except for the virus.
    Happy New Year

  5. Happy New Year and welcome back home. Your little trip to Pacifica made me lonesome for the seaside. We will be taking the RV and kids to Westport soon. I just love the beach in the wintertime -- all to ourselves as few venture to camp in the damp. : )

    Glad your mom is doing so well.

    My sister and I had such fun while she was here over Christmas. (More fun than we ever had sharing a room growing up!) My mom always said all she wanted for Christmas was for the two of us to be friends ~~ she's had that gift for MANY many years now. Sisters are FUN! : D

  6. It must have been someone else that you heard laughing..... If you heard me I would be deep in prayer for that snow you want to fall on you. 32 degrees is perfect snow temps.
    Love ya girl.


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