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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swim Meets, pools, rivers and a happy 4th.

I forgot to tell you that I had a roommate at my sister's house. He was good looking in a creepy sort of way.
He is a permanent resident in the upstairs bedroom. He is called a Leopard Gecko. He belonged to my sister's oldest son, who moved out recently. I guess the Gecko didn't want to live in an apartment. He doesn't easily put up with any changes in his environment. He is very particular.
I would uncover him in the morning and say "Hello." to him. He would lift his head up and look at me. Unlike chickens, he makes eye contact with you and he seems like a nice guy. But, he eats baby mice, so that's a bit disturbing.
We did well together. My sister takes care of him and he has a name... which I have forgotten. He's certainly better than a pet spider.
Anyway, I drove to Pleasant Hill last Friday so that I could get up earlier and go to our grandson's swim meet Saturday morning. It was in Alamo at a swim club. The excitement was palpable.
The pool was ready and there were already kids practicing their swim strokes.
Mommy put on her apron. She would be getting the kids lined up for each race.
The competition began...
Our youngest grandson is five. I think that he is an amazingly good swimmer for a five year old. Look at that "ready, get set, go", and that smile on his face afterwards. He was so cute. Sometimes he forgets what stroke he is suppose to be doing, but it's all good  and he seems to be a naturally good swimmer.
The Bean, on the other hand, takes all of this very seriously. He's seven and very competitive.
And he comes out of the pool like he just devoured the competition.
Dad is always there to tell them what a good job they have done

 and then the coach gives them a pat on the back and any advice they may need.
 Both he and his brother were very concerned about their scores.
 At this age, the emphasis is not so much on winning. It's more about perfecting the strokes and following the rules. There seems to be a lot of fun going on too.
But The Bean, who takes it all very seriously, is getting a taste of winning... and 'the agony of defeat" and he doesn't like loosing.
While The Bean was learning to be an Olympic swimmer and placing in his "heats", little Bean was talking to the teenagers, being his very social self and goofing off with grandma.
The whole day was wonderful. My grandson took photos of me too, but you won't see them here. They were OK, but I LOOKED LIKE A GRANDMA. Who is this woman? He was very careful with Noni's Nikon and he took some good pictures... but even a really good camera still doesn't make you look like you're 40 years old again. Darn!
When are they going to make a camera that takes the years off and  turns the gray back into blond . I know, I know... I'm suppose to accept this growing old business, but it ain't easy.

I took the boys to lunch a few times. I ate what they ate. My stomach hasn't been the same since.
 I found this in my purse when I got home.
I hate to admit it. I had two "happy meals" which include french fries. They also give you apple slices. I guess the apple slices make you feel better about eating the french fries. I know I felt better. MacDonald's is The Bean Boys favorite place to eat. They love "happy meals" because they have toys in them. .. and the shakes have whipped cream and a cherry on top. I'm now an expert on "happy meals". Ask me anything.

Mommy got sick after the Swim Meet and wasn't doing well for a few days, so I went to the boys swim practice on Monday and took them to my sisters to swim, etc. Between the sitter and I , Mommy got some rest and felt better by the 4th of July.
We had a little get together on the 4th and the Beans got to... SWIM some more.
This time they just played. Daddy tossed them in and swam with his boys and they dived for weighted pool sticks that turned on and blinked under water.I got them at Walgreens- $5.99 for a set of 6, two of which lit up.
 Little Bean was patient about sharing the shark... for a while. "Come on Bro, let me have the shark."
"You been on it too long."...And finally had to yell at big brother who didn't want to give up his attack position.

After dinner it got cooler. The wet and tired little boys needed to be wrapped  in warm, dry towels and settled in for some snuggling. I love this photo of my sister and Little Bean. She is such a good "auntie" to my grandchildren.

The next day I drove home. I decided to drive the river road from Rio Vista to Walnut Grove instead of highway 12. It was a nice change. I found a place on the river near Walnut Grove that we could buy and be closer to our family.
 I could live here, easily. I might even learn to fish.
That's Mt. Diablo way out there in the distance. I have lived around that mountain all my life. I can even see it from Jackson.
This would be a good place to live. Beautiful water, closer to everything, but still away from the business of the cities.
We could swim with the grandkids, have a dock to jump from... and fish for dinner.
Yep! It looks pretty good.

This morning we went for a walk on the road to the Mokelumne River.
 We took the dogs and went early. It's really hot again, but it's good to be home. Guess we'll stay here for a while longer.


  1. smiles...i occassionally eat happy meals...we have recently moved out of that phase which is a little sad....but cool too....way to go on his determination at the pool and swimming....also like the gramma hat pictures...smiles...

  2. Your visit was a good one. I am so glad your grandsons love to swim. I think all children need to learn how to swim and practice being safe around water.Love all you photos. Have a blessed day and stay cool. Oh yes, thank you for your visit and comment on my last post. Madeline

  3. well since your going to pass on the cottage on the river how many millions were they asking?

    the boys are getting so big. It is GREAT they are into swimming and that their Dad does it with them.

  4. Looks like fun for everybody! I'd be tempted to move to that cottage too! It would be lovely to live b water, wouldn't it? But where would your goat friends go?

  5. Hooray for the next generation of swimmers, it is my favorite sport for youngsters & young Matthew is already a little fish.
    Our boys were competitive swimmers from very early too, it stood them in good stead, a wonderful sport that develops personal responsibility, discipline and teamwork too. Your post brought back a a lot of memories Farmlady.

  6. I love the pool, glad they enjoy it as well...matter of fact, its warm since I got home from errands and shopping, I wish our didn't close at 8 PM...

    Glad you had a good visit!


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