Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Passion of doing something...

I'm going to talk about passion today. Not the Passion that is capitalized. Not the strong feelings  as distinguished  from  reason.
I'm talking about passion for an  artistic life.
Passion for other humans is overrated and chancy at best. I'm beyond taking that risk. I'm beyond being a "groupie" for anyone. My passions are limited to small wonders and learning something well within the context of my life.
This brings me to knitting and felting.
(If you thought this post was going to be x-rated or questionable in nature... relax.)

I always thought that passion was something like this...
"We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it." ~Ernesto "Che" Guevara~ .
But for me there was never a passion that I wanted to die for, so I thought that I didn't have one.
I had many interests, hobbies and things that made me feel good, but never something that I would ".. die for".
Yes,I would have died for my children and grandchildren but so far, with luck, I never had to make that decision. The passion that I waited for was just not there.... or so I thought.
Now, I realize that I have had passion all along. I just had the wrong definition. My passion was more of a general and diverse passion for what was around the corner... what was over the next hill.. the grass on the other side of the fence sort of passion. I guess it was a drive more than a passion.
 As Einstein said, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." Although I do think that I have some "special talents", I really think that the main one is an insatiable curiosity. 

So I find myself in one place, fifteen years in one place, and now
 I have had an epiphany. 
One word...passion... that was written in an email this morning gave me pause for thought. A comment that made me express an idea that confirmed my belief in the strange mystery I call My life.

I take photos.
I knit.
I dry my felting on top of the ivy, in the sun,
because it's beautiful.
I yearn for the possibilities of new yarn.

 I want to dig in my  garden and not wear gloves. 
I want to create something beautiful. 
I want to feel the earth in my hands.

I have passions for a lot of things. It's a quite passion that doesn't make a lot of money and has to do with continuity and beauty.
 It's about seeing something from a distance...

And then going inside.
Seeing the water flow into a planter...

  and waiting for it to come out at the bottom.
And being there to see it drip.

This is a passion of time... and place... and life.
I know now that I was waiting for passion in all the wrong places and expecting too much.
I wanted it to happen as it did in the movies. I wanted something big, with heavy breathing , but what I really wanted was to capture my love... in a photo, to learn a new knitting pattern, be with my family, read a good book, plant a garden, feed a goat, find something new and different.
  And tell someone about it.
That's my passion.


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! This is where my thoughts have been recently, also. Being passionate about Life and how it manifests in our individual lives. Thank you for this affirming post.

  2. smiles...i think my passion is for people..the discarded ones actually...and for seeing life as it truly is and beyond....your passions make you a pretty cool person...smiles.

  3. I loved this post. I think from reading about you this past year, you may also be passionate about your animals. I am still touched by your decision to keep your 'runt' goat and to farm the other's out. Or perhaps this is COMpassion which certainly describes you. Good thing you live in sunny CA instead of WA...your felting would never dry here! LOL. Even where we live is part of a master plan!

  4. A very meaningful post. Enjoyed very word you wrote. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Well said post,well done my friend. It is for so many of us the simple everyday things that make each day worth while.

  6. Wow! You said it good, girl! You made me try to remember, “when was the first time I felt passion?” I know. When you & I were 6 years old, making secret “forts” in the mustard weed, in the walnut orchard. Oh, how I loved that!
    If I ever get back to Calif I think it had better be in spring and the two of us old broads should grab a blanket and a picnic lunch and find our way to a mustard field!! Love ~Dawn

  7. you have been doing some deep thinking again my friend! I say you have finally found your passion...life. Contentment with your life and the life around you is a wonderful reason for passion. Bless you.

  8. I understand now the pull I feel to you... the birds of a feather pull. The flowers we both love, you love to knit I love to make jewelry. You love to do your felting, I like to paint and draw.... are you my lifelong lost sister?


  9. Wonderful post and I so agree...


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