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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yarn Wonderland and Fiber Lust

This unassuming little store is call The Yarn Boutique. It's in Lafayette, California. They still called this area La Fiesta Square. If you have ever been to Lafayette you will remember that this is one of the older shopping areas.The store is in the back of the parking lot near a creek.There is ample parking nearby.
This yarn store is like falling into the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.
I was Alice and I fell into a wonderland of yarn and fiber.
Oh my! You can hardly walk around the aisles. The place is filled to the brim with every yarn that you can imagine... and equipment... and books.. and needles.. and spinning stuff... and ... more yarn.
It is an over-abundant haven ("heaven")... for the obsessed.

And BUTTONS... thousands of buttons.

Samples of completed yarn patterns are everywhere, so you can see what the yarn looks like knitted into a child's sweater or socks..
... or a scarf.
... and baskets of roving sold by the ounce.
But then, as a White Rabbit ran between my legs (It might have been a cat.), I saw the yarn of my dreams.
It's called NORO yarn.
I'm sorry, truly I am.  I bought something that was not Made In America, but there is nothing like this made here in the states. If you know of a good local alternative... comment.... I'm all ears.
I don't think that the sheep care whether they are in Japan or California as long as they are feed everyday.
I know, I know... that's not the point.
I will try harder. I will have more restraint when I'm not so in love with all of this.

Each hank was $10. for... oops, I can't read the wrapper. I think it's a 50 gram ball. Which means (if my calculations are even close) that you have about one hundred nine yards of yarn to knit with.
I bought two balls of this. Noro is 100% wool. The description says Kureyon. I don't see a color name on the tag but there are specific blends in different shades and they are all unbelievably beautiful.

Since I've been home I have taken some photos of the yarn and some of the roving that I bought.

This is the Noro yarn, above. This weekend I finished crocheting  a scarf using the yarn and tomorrow I will felt it.
I will do a post, with photos, on the methods to my madness Tuesday.

I also bought some Merino Hand Dyed Spinning Fiber. for my Nuno felting .
The store had so many lovely blends of colors, but I loved this one.
It's called FOREST.
It goes with my livingroom.
I may just leave it on the side table until I use it.
It's like a magical gift waiting to be opened.
This is called Anzula fiber. Please, look at this up close...
 I know that I get kind of goofy about this stuff but... LOOK AT IT. It's SO beautiful!

Anyway, I have just finished crocheting a medium length scarf with the Noro yarn and, if my shrinkage calculations are good, I will have a really nice felted  neck scarf for... a Christmas present.
Stay tuned...

The Yarn Boutique is at 963 -C, Moraga Rd. Laffayette, CA.
 The customer service is great and the prices are reasonable.  They wind your yarn for you and the owner's are helpful and very nice.


  1. wow...love that fiber...it has great color and texture...very nice...

  2. you are officially obsessed! And in a good way...beautiful fibers and the colours are fantastic. Don't go in there alone or you will be lost for days on end!

  3. What beautiful yarns. The colors are so vibrant. I can't wait to see the scarf you made when you finish it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. OH BE STILL MY FELTING FINGERS! At least we can drool over this kind of thing and not end up in rehab or a car crash at the end of the day! That roving looks like the colour of a fox in the desert...can't wait to see whats to become of it...

  5. I've used Noro Kureyon in the past and can assure you that the thrill will never leave you!

    I love your color and fiber choices!

  6. I'm surprised you made it out of there! Can see why you love that store :)

    All gorgeous of course...you wouldn't pick anything else! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    I just wish I had a clue about this stuff. LOL

  7. Oh you are down the rabbit hole for sure!

  8. Might have been overload for this ADD brain, Farmlady, & considering the temptations you were quite restrained!
    The scarf turned out sweet I think I like it buttonless!

  9. I love places like this, and will even appreciate them more because of your passion...maybe one day I will take up the needles again and remember my grandmother's lessons...


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