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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Other Woman... Revisited

Do you see her? Do you see that ghostly apparition floating around in the front seat. I saw it.
It's probably the young woman who waited for her love to come back from the war 66 years ago. I wrote about it over a year ago and yes, she is still here.
For those of you who didn't know me then. I will direct you to this post and this one so you can understand my dilemma.  Because her beautiful body is back in the Prospector's head...
and she's calling his name.
I've had her locked away... kind of like being sent to Redemption Island on the TV show Survivor. But she never loses. She's always there. Waiting to return and be resurrected. This beautiful woman has survived many  years and she is not going down quietly.
Wednesday the Prospector (out of the blue) says, " I'm going down to the storage place. I need to get the battery out of the Chevy. "We" need to get the car started again... be sure she's OK."
"We"? I asked.
"I may need some help rolling her out of the shed and back in if I can't get to the battery."
 I knew that she was calling his name. He hadn't mentioned her all summer. He had been busy with other  projects. I guess the "honey do" list wasn't long enough.
 So we drove down to the storage place, punched in the 6 digit code for the iron gate, and drove up to our rented garage. I thought I heard a voice from the inside of our space calling my husband's name.
The Prospector jumped out and unlocked the door, then he stood there for a moment and just looked at the car.
Why does he have to be so open about this affair of the heart? It's way too obvious.
I got out of the car and walked into the space to take a look at my things in the back. I have a few pieces of furniture and my mother's living room rug piled in behind Miss America. Everything was there.
Then I turned around and opened the driver's side door and looked in.
She hadn't changed. She still smelled "old" and her windows were still glazed and cracked. I just don't see what the Prospector sees. He has vision.
Then I looked at the back seat.
I don't know how many young folks "used" this seat back in the day, but there is nothing like it in any of today's cars. It's big and it's comfortable.... and it has a pillow. A pillow that  says someone was indulging in comfort back here. I'll bet it could tell some stories.
Anyway, I looked back toward the steering wheel and that's when I saw this foggy stuff.
It was just there...hovering around the steering wheel. It wasn't reflected sun, or fog, on my lens.  I took this photo and look... you can see what I saw.
Yes, Farmlady...  maybe you've been spending too much time alone on the mountain talking to the goats and the deer. Maybe you are seeing things.
The Prospector opened the passenger door and when he did this, the fog disappeared instantly. He spent about 10 minutes getting the battery out from under the floor board. It was in an awkward place  and was strapped down.
We finally got the battery out without having to roll the car out of the storage space.
Then the Prospector looked under her hood... right in front of me.
He has no sense of allegiance to our relationship when he is around this floozy and he has started talking again about fixing her up. He wants to take her back to her original, young, beautiful self.
No wonder she's calling his name.
She better not call mine. She's trouble I tell you.
She will cost him a lot of money and take him places he may not want to go.
I don't know how to fight this woman. She's beautiful in a classic sort of way. She has huge headlights, a lot of chrome and white wall tires.
The Prospector did build me a potting shed this summer. I know he loves me.
We're like good felted fabric... strong, almost waterproof and connected forever, but this other woman is a powerful object of his affection.
I will have to engage in some clever subterfuge.
I will find her weaknesses.
I will let this relationship continue...
for a while.


  1. you are killing me here..."she has huge headlights!" I can't stop snickering...
    you go girlfriend!

  2. I remember her! But I didn't realize the Prospector was renting a place for her.....kind of like the old-style "kept woman"! Lol! Great post!

  3. She is beautiful. Talk to her. Listen to what she tells you. Maybe it's friendship with a woman she really needs right now, so perhaps if you embrace her, the two of you will become great friends, even go shopping together. Maybe she needs a great pair of shoes.

  4. Shameless I tell you!

    The fog is sorta spooky. I'm glad you got it in the picture.

  5. Your husband does alot of things liking building you potting shed, putting a roof so the goat has a place to keep dry when the other goats will not let him in the goat house. Be patient with him let him enjoy his dream of fixing his car up. :) Loved this post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I think you may be stuck with her...don't you find her just a wee bit attractive? Maybe that ghostly fog is trying to let you in on a little secret, like you and her could have some fun driving around with your scarves blowing in the wind...letting The Prospector do all the driving and you and Miss Daisy just enjoying the ride! She really is a beauty...BUT, can she knit and felt?!

  7. yep farmlady, you are just going to have to befriend her. You sure as heck don't want her sending her foggy freinds out after you, now, do you! She'll probably come home someday so get it it over with. Make friends, set her straight from time to time, let her know who's boss. I'll all be fine!!

  8. Well, she does have huge headlights and a beautiful back seat...

    I love your writing. So poetic and entrancing. Like a song.

  9. What an enchanting story you weave! Let him have his fun and then you should get cozy w/the old gal. LOL
    Spooky photo, though....
    :-) Sue
    p.s. ♥ the scarf you made. I need to find me someone who will make me a long one so I can wear it 20 different ways! I saw a video of how to tie scarves and it was fascinating.

  10. She's a looker! I'll bet she's been to many a drive-in movie show. Next visit, climb into the back seat and invite the Prospector...gotta fight fire with fire!

  11. I love you, Farm Lady, but SHE has even me in a trance. I'd ride her!!! (Did I really just say that?!?!?)

  12. Absolutely beautifuly, captivatingly written!

  13. VERY cool post! That is a beautiful old truck and very cool that you see the spirit within! Love it!
    xo, Cheryl


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