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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm makin' goat cheese today

See the big pot on the sink. That's going to be a wonderful goat cheese or Chevre. This is the first time that I have made goat cheese, so  if it all goes down hill from here and I didn't do the first part right, then this is my disclaimer.... I knew what I was doing, but something might have been wrong with the goat milk... or the recipe....or the thermometer.... or the culture...or the goats. Yea, I'll blame it on the goats. They can't talk back because they live on another farm.
When the Prospector went to the goat farm (where our goat boys were born) to get the trailer that took Brownie on his great adventure, he brought me a gallon of fresh frozen goat milk. The owner of the farm is so sweet. She gives us goat milk any time we want it....free. When she found out I was going to make cheese with it, her only request was that I bring some to share at the next meeting. Fair enough because a quart of goat milk at the store is almost $5.00 a quart. So I figure that this was a really good deal.
This morning after breakfast I reread the directions and started heating the milk. I had to pasteurize it first. This is a fairly simple process of heating the milk to 145 F. and maintaining the temperature for 30 mins.
After 30 mins. you place the pot of hot milk into a sink of cold water with ice in it. When the temperature cools down to 86 degrees (which it does rather quickly) you add a packet of Chevre direct set culture to it, stir it well and then cover it and allow the milk to set in a cool place.  That's where I'm at as I write this. I'm waiting. I'm not really good at waiting.... but I have to wait for 12 to 20 hours until it's firm. So I took a shower, went on line to read more about goat cheese making and took a look at Ricki Carroll's website at www.cheesemaking com. She's the lady who knows all about making cheese. She's the CHEESE QUEEN. Check her out if you're interested. I bought the goat cheese kit from her after I had taken a class from one of our goat club members.
You will enjoy this website and if you're interested in making cheese her site will really help. She even has recipe for Chevre Pound Cake and Whey Bread. This is the "whey" of  Little Miss Muffet fame. After all these years of reciting that poem I finally know what curds and whey are. The curds make the cheese and the whey is what will drain through the muslin tonight. Isn't this exciting? Curds and Whey....and NO Spiders.
And while I'm waiting for the milk to curdle, I leave you with a bumper sticker I ordered from Cafepress.com. I will add it to the others on my car....or I could slap it on the door of the goat's house where they will see it. It could be something for them to contemplate on days when they feel the urge to break into the vegetable garden or complain about their lot in life.
I will let you know how it goes with the cheese making....


  1. Good luck with your goat cheese. I will be looking forward to seeing your post on how it
    turns out. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. Can't wait to hear how your goats's cheese turns out. I'm anxiously waiting for my son-in-law to make me a press, then I'll be all set to start making my own (from cows milk).
    I hope I have the patience for it, I know it's a time consuming process.

  3. I think I will have to try making some goat cheese. I had some with dried apricots in it, yum!
    And poor Brownie I remember when he had this same adventure last year, but how amazing that he was such a well behaved goat, I know you were proud of him!
    PS I did visit the Hermitage.

  4. I can't wait to see how your cheese comes out. My husband and his sister are taking a cheese making class in a week and they are both so excited about it. I'm going to pass along the website you recommended so they can get more information there.

    I liked your next post down too. That horn growing into his eye looked painful but even if not what a hinder to live with and try to see. I think that side view must have been a thank you! ;-)


  5. Well if it doesn't go right, you'll probably have edible bouncy balls :) haha


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