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Friday, August 13, 2010

Brownie Comes Through

As usual, Brownie deals with adversity in his own unique way. The photo above shows him with his arrant horn growing into his eye. The photo on the right is Brownie showing off his symmetric handsomeness for People Magazine.... well, not really... but I'm sure he wishes it was so.
I had a meeting yesterday morning so the Prospector and our neighbor "D" drove Brownie down to the Bradshaw Veterinary Clinic in Elk Grove and, without taking him out of the trailer and without any sedative, they removed half of his horn. What a goat!! He just stood there while the assistant held his head steady and the Vet use a small flexible saw that quickly removed the offending horn. No pain, no blood, no bandage and no "drama queen" theatrics. He was the perfect gentleman. The vet told the Prospector that older goats don't always bleed and that this part of the horn was like a fingernail. The deed was done before Brownie had time to think about it.
When he arrived at home he was given extra hay and he got a very interesting reaction from the other goats...
Bart's little temper tantrum, yesterday, turned into care and concern. They touched noses and I swear that Bart was saying, "Sorry, Brownie. I was just worried about you. I didn't know where you were going and I'm so glad you're back." There was a genuine display of affection from Murphy and Freckles too.  It was very interesting. I think goats are very intelligent creatures and their reputation for being somehow connected to the devil, with cloven hooves and Satan horns, is absurd.
I'm always putting words into their mouths, but it's only with my human way of thinking.  I do this knowing that  these animals have their own way of communicating with each other and how they view the world is a mystery to humans. I'm in awe of how they interact with each other and how they live in a world that will always lie beyond our understanding. We are only their caretakers.
"Yes Brownie. We will always take care of you, Bart, Murph' and Freckles. You are a proud goat and no matter how much trouble you cause, how many times you jump the fence and how often you try to pull rank on the other goats....We will always love you. Your symmetry is back to normal and your eye has been saved. Is that side long glance a thank you, Brownie? If it is....You're welcome."


  1. I adore your little tribe of goats and that is way cool how Brownie stood still and had his horn trimmed.

  2. What a trooper Brownie is!! Glad it was pretty painless for him :)


  3. Seems to me goats are one of the givers in this world, milk, cheese, cleaning the yard of weeds, pure sweetness.
    So happy Brownie showed what a brave gentleman is capapble of.

  4. Way to go Brownie!! You are one handsome kid!!

  5. Glad Brownie came through the horn trimming with no trouble. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. You look so handsome Brownie! So cute to see Bart's reaction! I think they are very intelligent too and all of that other nonsense is just that - nonsense.

  7. I'm so glad it was all painless. Brownie had no reason cause for concern, I think he knows you wouldn't let anything bad happen to him!

  8. I know what you mean about goats...when Leaf's leg was injured and we we trying to have a look at it, his lifetime buddy Tramp was getting between us and Leaf, trying to protect him. They remind me of the Odd Couple. They love to hate each other but truely do love each other. Glad Brownie was such a trooper. You know before they grow back again you should get those little vegetable molds to put over the ends and the new horn ends could be square or have the face of Elvis!!

  9. What a great guy... and such a lucky one, to boot!
    I love the final picture where he seems to be saying "Ya love me... now doncha? Just admit it!"

  10. I will give you any goat support you need! They are like my nieces and nephews now, so take care of them for me, one day I hope to run and frolic n the fields with them! :)

  11. Brownie looks fabulous, I hear that trimming your horns is the "style" now :->


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