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Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Bambino Bean

The Bean is 5 years old today. This is what he would called a "handsome" day.
This is my oldest Grandson and I love him so much it makes my eyes leak and my nose run.
(He would think this was silly, gross and funny.)
I'm going down to spend the weekend with the Birthday boy and his family.
See you on Monday.
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  1. Five is a wonderful age to be. Happy Birthday, Bean!

  2. I understand, I have a five year old great grandson that I love more than anything. I know you will have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute.

  3. Wishing your grandson the happiest of birthdays!!

  4. Happy Birthday not-so-little-anymore,Bean!

    Have a wonderful time and make sure to record those memories...

  5. Happy Birthday Bean! Grandma, don't let your eyes water too much and have fun with the Bean.

  6. Happy birthday Bean! Five is a wonderful age to be-for both you & for your GM.
    My baby is 36 next week! His son baby Matthew is one year the week after, it's a great springtime for birthdays, Farm Lady! Have a lovely weekend the Prospector, the puppies & the goats will miss you!.

  7. What a great grandson! And spring is a great time to have a birthday!
    Lindsey Petersen

  8. Gorgeous boy Connie! Tooooo cute. Riki

  9. I can certainly see you in the Bean. He is going to need a big stick to carry around with him when he is older just for knocking all of the girls off of him. Happy Birthday Bean!


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