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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Queen Bee....autiful!

These are my wonderful "buys" at the Queen Bee in Lafayette Ca. I really wanted the blue bench and the Pig, but we just can't have everything we want in life, can we? So, I bought this card which I thought was absolutely beautiful. I think I will frame it or put it on my peg board over the computer desk. It will remind me that each and everyone of us needs to have a vision that is true to our own being and that when we find what that is, we need to follow it and create our world accordingly. The word "attempt" has been crossed out and "transform" has been written under it. I find this reassuring. It says to me that things can be changed or altered according to your vision of the world and that it's ok to make these changes. It's even Ok to show others the change. That's revolutionary! I thought you only showed the perfect, completed, piece of art; as if your vision was born in perfect form from the beginning. Kind of like letting people only see you with your makeup on and you hair combed and every hair in place.

Just look at this interesting woman. I like to think that she was having a really bad hair day. So what did she do? She wrapped a beautiful scarf around her head and let the wild hair fly behind her. Then she added a pair of gorgeous earrings (or maybe two pairs) and said to herself ,"There..., this is how I will be today...., and I I'm beautiful." To me she says: Live for today and don't try to recreate ; TRANSFORM...,believe in yourself.

Then I saw this embroidered ribbon. Isn't this the most beautiful piece of ribbon ever? I bought 1/2 yard of it (it was VERY expensive) and I don't have any idea what I'm going to do with it. I'm kind of intimidated by it. I would like to work it into a collage but I don't want to loose the lovely texture and openess of it. I don't sew much and only have 18 inches of it, so if anyone out there has some good ideas I would love to hear them. I know someone is saying, " Ooooo!, I know what I would do with it ...., I'd.........."

Come on all of you who read blogs and don't comment: Those of you who are talented and have "vision". Start a new tradition. "Follow you bliss";.... dream, imagine, create an idea. I'm open to all suggestions, and maybe you can find inspiration to create something that will honor the loveliness of the ribbon.

If I think your idea is just too super wonderful, I will send you the ribbon so you can create your own piece of art. So please let me know what you come up with.
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  1. I think it would make a lovely purse strap on a homemeade bag. Just found you through my friend Lucy and can't wait to read everything!!!

  2. It is very lovely. I am sure you will do it justice.


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